Mizuno is always looking for ways to improve the performance of athletes. There are three different platforms on which athletes can gauge their performance. First, in a real game setting, where they can show off their full potential, and where they are judged based on the score or outcome. Second, in prac-tice, where athletes work with their team or coaches to refine their sport-specific skills. Third is the base layer called training, which is about improving an individual‘s physical abilities and natural es-sences that allows athletes’ to performs at a higher level.

During our product development, we found that training is the basis of an athlete's movement, and so we have been focusing on it for our innovation of training shoe products. We asked 11 trainers from 15 types of sports to respond to a questionnaire, and we found that balance was the most important factor in each sport category. Below are our findings. Mizuno’s training shoes accurately transmit information to the soles of the feet. The sole is designed to allow individuals to understand where they are, and when they’re moving so that their body can better adjust.