Tread Talks: Limited Edition Peachtree WAVEKNIT® R1

Peachtree WAVEKNIT® R1 is the limited edition 2018 AJC Peachtree Road Race’s running shoe.  It’s new, its KNIT, it’s legit. It’s the first time in Mizuno history that we’ve launching a new technology in honor of an event. So, about the talk about the new tech – WAVEKNIT®! It is an evolution of the proprietary WAVE Technology® incorporated into a WAVE designed KNIT upper. Take a minute, examine the shoes sleek and smooth upper and

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New Gait Analysis System Added to Mizuno Experience Center

Mizuno Experience Center

The Mizuno Experience Center located at The Battery Atlanta has added a new technology to its roster of experiences for runners, Precision Fit Neo. In two minutes, the innovative biomechanical analysis system finds the right type of running shoe for a runner’s foot type and gait. Precision Fit Neo differentiates itself from other industry systems through consideration of lower limb biomechanics.

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2018 Limited Edition Peachtree WAVEKNIT® R1

Using an AJC Peachtree Road Race kick-off celebration at the Mizuno Experience Center in The Battery Atlanta as the backdrop, Mizuno revealed the 3rd edition of the custom-designed Peachtree running shoe, the Limited Edition Peachtree WAVEKNIT® R1. Inspired by the American flag first knitted by Betsy Ross, the design embodies a patriotic red, white and blue theme featuring the iconic

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