ATC Coaches Corner: The Wingfoot Mile

Photography Credit: Dan McCauley

Top runners from middle school to professional shared the Emory University track to compete in seven thrilling back-to-back performances at the 2018 Wingfoot Mile. With tight finishes and personal bests all night, not even the rain could put a damper on the evening. Mizuno celebrated the top middle and high school runners with Wingfoot Mile kits for all competitors. Men’s

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Mom on the Run: Training During the Summer

I am a mom of three boys so summer can be FUN, exhausting and just downright CHAOTIC. The weather is hotter, the days are longer and the kids are louder. For most of us, we need to find some sort of ZEN so we don’t turn into a mommy monster. This is why I rely on my runs to get me through each day.

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From Peachtree Junior to AJC Peachtree Road Race 

Growing up in a family of runners, it was tradition for my mom and dad to run the AJC Peachtree Road Race every year. My grandparents and uncle would even drive from Florida to join us.   Naturally, our family’s annual tradition rubbed off on me. I walked the walk and dressed as a mini running adult in running shorts and singlets while other kids wore oversized t-shirts. I did my fair share of 1-mile fun runs without

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