Coach’s Corner: The One Who’s Doing the Impossible

Published: July 2017

By: Amy Begley, Atlanta Track Club Coach


Setting big goals can be scary. But once you start working towards that goal, you may learn that seemingly impossible things are actually possible for you.


Two years ago, Amanda Epley could barely run a 5K without stopping. That didn’t stop her from dreaming big. In January 2016, she set a New Year’s resolution to complete a half marathon. Amanda also joined one of Atlanta Track Club’s In-Training groups to help her prepare for the distance.


Joining a training program left Amanda inspired and encouraged. She liked the accountability she felt and the new friends she made as she added mileage. She struggled a bit when the training reached nine miles but never gave up. Instead, Amanda realized how exciting it was to break into double-digit mileage. That boost in confidence got her across the finish line of not one, but three half marathons last year.


Then Amanda decided to push herself even farther out of her comfort zone. Earlier this year, she decided to take on a full marathon. During her training, she remembers questioning whether or not she could actually run 26.2 miles. But Amanda kept training and made sure to remind herself of how far she had come in just one year’s time. In March, she crossed the finish line of the Publix Georgia Marathon feeling exhilarated and proud of the fact that she had conquered a challenge she once thought was impossible.


Amanda still meets up with her running buddies during the week and will participate in the AJC Peachtree Road Race on July 4. She says becoming a marathoner has inspired her to be more motivated and disciplined in other aspects of her life as well.


Maybe it’s time to ask yourself a tough question: What’s holding you back from doing the impossible? With a plan and some motivation, you may surprise yourself on what you can actually accomplish.