Coach’s Corner: The Twins Who are Starting a New Chapter

Published: June 2017

By: Amy Begley, Atlanta Track Club Elite Coach


Change can be hard for any runner. You may struggle after moving to a new city where you no longer have the encouragement of your running buddies. Maybe an injury left you sidelined, and you’re not sure how to start again. Or you could be training for a new distance, which can be intimidating because of all of the unknowns.


Even elite athletes experience growing pains. Twin brothers Jim and Joe Rosa have dealt with a lot of change over the past several years. The brothers quickly became high school phenoms in New Jersey. Then they both went to Stanford University, where they continued to excel but had a few setbacks due to injury. Now they have joined Atlanta Track Club Elite on our Olympic Development Team with hopes of making the 2020 Olympic Team.


Part of overcoming change is embracing the newness of your situation. For example, college athletes face the pressure of competing in three seasons per year and scoring points for their team. Now that the Rosas are starting their professional running careers, their training and racing schedules are individualized. We are changing up Jim and Joe’s training to include cross-training – but we are not increasing their training volume. They have been open to mixing up their training in hopes of getting great results.


As you enter into a new chapter in your running story, it is also a good idea to take a breath and figure out what is going to help you accomplish your goals. It may take some time, and you may have to try a few different things to get you there. Jim is getting into great shape while Joe is still coming off of an injury. We are excited to see what they can do.


Jim and Joe’s determination have helped them to get to this point of their careers. With a little dedication and the willingness to overcome change, you can grow as a runner – or in other areas of your life!