An Athlete’s Review — The New Wave Horizon

By: Matt McDonald, Elite Runner with Atlanta Track Club

Published: February 1, 2017

I like to think I’m a pretty competitive runner. Every morning, I’m up before the sun, hitting the pavement and training for my next half-marathon. But I’ll be honest, my running form is far from stellar.  I heel-strike, I pronate, and my feet slap the ground with every stride.  The Mizuno Wave Horizon has helped on all fronts.

The first thing I notice when I put on the shoe (and not just for the first time, but every morning) is how much cushion there is under the heel.  Having previously worn the Mizuno Wave Inspire, I had become accustomed to a harder sole.  The Wave Horizon feels so comfortable, but it still has the support that I enjoyed in the Wave Inspire.  I haven’t had to deal with any of the lower-leg injuries that nagged me before I wore Mizuno, and now my feet finally feel cozy in my running shoes. These shoes make running feel less like work and more like leisure.  I do most of my running on pavement, so the increased softness is greatly appreciated. When I do hit the trails, the extra stability afforded by the Wave Horizon is perfect.  Most stability shoes are so thick that taking a spill or twisting an ankle on unsteady footing is almost inevitable, but so far the Wave Horizon has kept me on my feet with all the stability I need to stay healthy.

I’ve tried switching to a softer shoe in the past, but all too often, softer shoes feel like running in mud, sapping my energy with every step.  The Wave Horizon still has the Mizuno Wave technology that makes each stride light and bouncy instead of dense and sluggish.  I feel the Wave at work most when running fast.  20 miles into a run when I’m too tired to get on my toes, I can count on the Wave Horizon to give me back all the energy I put into each stride, and that has made all the difference on countless training runs.

I don’t just run in these shoes, I walk to work in these shoes, and stand around all day in these shoes. When I get home at night, my legs still feel fresh, which is a godsend if I have to run a second workout after work. More than anything else, I love the “wearability” of the Wave Horizon the most.  They’re always comfortable, always stylish, and always my first choice.