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From high school to club and college, volleyball is a sport that is growing by the day. As the sport grows, more and more players are joining court volleyball teams so they can enjoy the game in a more competitive atmosphere.   Whether you’re outfitting a team of junior players or searching for uniforms for yourself, the most important thing to remember is to find gear that fits your needs. 

Great play is safe play


The right volleyball equipment works with your body to enhance your performance and improve your technique.  Mizuno is one of a select few companies that caters to the various playing seasons of the volleyball athlete.   So whether you’re looking for club uniforms, team shoes, or you want to stay warm with the same outerwear that the US National Teams use, we’ll have what you need.     

From the ground up


Almost every volleyball move starts with the feet. So it’s important that the shoes on those feet fit well, and give the player the perfect balance of support and performance.

To start–all shoes are not created equal. Gender engineering helps ensure that shoes have the right amount of cushioning and support for male and female players alike. And while running shoes are great for running, they’re not ideal for competitive court volleyball.  Mizuno's high-performance volleyball shoes are designed around the unique moves in the game– and are designed to maximize your performace.

And for junior players especially, if you’re considering using last year’s shoes, make sure they still fit. Junior players grow quickly, and a volleyball shoe that’s too tight will lead to discomfort and ultimately lower performance. 

The ultimate protection

shin guard

Protective gear helps players avoid injuries, but beyond that, Mizuno protective gear fits your playing style.   We offer three styles of knee pads:   minimalist design (LR6),  traditional knee pad (VS1) and our basic design (T10).   Our DF Cut technology helps ensure maximum knee coverage while allowing for greater freedom of movement. 


On the go


Of course, hauling all of this gear around doesn’t necessarily affect gameday performance–unless you forget something! Finding and using good equipment bags can be a huge help. They keep all of your volleyball equipment organized and together, so you’re sure to have everything ready to roll for that next game. And today’s bags last longer than ever, and are easier to travel with than ever before. If you haven’t already, check them out. You’ll be surprised at how far the simple equipment bag has come.

Volleyball is a fantastic game!  And whether you’re winning or losing, playing competitively or just with friends, always remember to have fun. Find the gear that fits you and your unique needs, hit the court, and have a blast.


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