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Home may be where the Heart is…but my heart is in Southern California by Brian Thornton

by Brynn Murphy on March 29, 2012

Due to unforeseen and unfortunate circumstances I returned home early from my team in Poland. I had a good time while I was out there and I was able to make a few friends that I know will be friends for life. A few of them I look forward to beating on the court this summer. I read somewhere recently that people often times don't recognize opportunity because it doesn't always manifest itself as exactly that. Although I returned home for reasons that were gloomy at best, I'm now choosing to view my early arrival as opportunity. Opportun...

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Time Flies by Jordan Larson

by Brynn Murphy on March 6, 2012

It has been a pretty "uneventful" month for me... We have been playing so many games and traveling so much it is hard to know which way is which and where the time has gone. Time flying by has been a huge blessing in that it is one step closer to seeing family and being back in the USA gym.Since I last wrote we had qualified for the next round of Champions league. This meant we were going to draw a new team/pool and get an opportunity to play someone different. This next round of champions league would consist of one game home and away. If you win both games you move on to ...

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TALKIN' VOLLEY by Brian Thornton

by Brynn Murphy on February 24, 2012

When the topic of volleyball is brought up in conversation and being an American professional volleyball player at that, there is really only one idea that I hear repeatedly over and over again (I love a topic sentence where redundancy is King). That one idea is said in a variety of different ways….a professional league in the USA, more fans at domestic games, more college volleyball, more publicity, more coverage, more recognition, more tv, just more volleyball anywhere possible, e...

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Playing Overseas by Alisha Glass

by Brynn Murphy on February 8, 2012

Hello all!!  Playing volleyball overseas is definitely a blessing.  You get to play the sport you love and travel to new places.  However, sometimes, that travel is a little more of a burden than a blessing.  For example, yesterday we left Sopot, Poland at 4:30am, drove to the Gdansk airport for a 6:30 flight.  We flew the one hour it takes to get to Warsaw, which is a pretty big airport.  We then had to walk around and find a transfer desk in order to get our next two tickets for the rest of our trip.  We found one lady helping us, we have just about 18 p...

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2012! by Jordan Larson

by Brynn Murphy on January 30, 2012

Happy New Year!! This year is a big year for everyone involved in the Olympics!! Can't believe it's already here.  However, there are still many events that occurred in 2011 that I would like to tell you about.  First, is our trip to Zurich, Switzerland. This was my second trip to Switzerland this year as I went to Montreux earlier this summer with the National team and needless to say it was beautiful.  We were going to Zurich to play a champions league match against Volero Zurich.  We arrived a couple days before the match so we were able to walk around a bit.&...

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