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Wed, 12/21/2011 - 16:00
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The World Cup is over and now it is back to our professional teams. Some guys actually flying from Japan to their respective clubs. The tournament did not go as we all would have liked unfortunately. We ended up losing some costly matches early in the tournament against Brazil, Russia, and Italy. Those losses pretty much sealed our fate of not being able to qualify for the Olympics there. The tournament was long and grueling as expected. Each day becoming more difficult than the next. We ended the tournament with a few wins against some good teams like Argentina and Cuba. So what is next in the qualification process for us? We will play in our zone qualifier in May in Puerto Rico.  The teams that we will compete against are Puerto Rico, Canada, Cuba, Mexico, The Dominican Republic, etc... We must WIN this tournament to qualify. It is obviously very important for us to do so.

Back to our professional teams, means back to the grind and rigors of playing overseas.  The long practices and lots of travel, especially for the many guys participating in this year’s European Cups.  I am currently in Istanbul Turkey. We played against the Turkish Champion Fenerbache here and came out victorious 3-0. We now are going directly to our next Russian League match in Surgut Russia. They are in the same region of the standings as we are so it will be important for us to come out with a win.

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