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Tue, 11/08/2011 - 10:43
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This month has been about gearing up and getting ready to begin the qualification process for the upcoming Olympic Games.  That will begin on November 20th in Japan at the World Cup.  The top 3 teams out of the 12 participating will qualify.  Personally this will be my 4th World Cup with Team USA, the previous 3 we have finished in 4th place.  We have finished one spot away from qualifying each time.  I am definitely looking forward to breaking that streak this time.  We had our first practice today and it was great to get back into the gym after being in Russia.  We tried to work out the kinks of long travel and recently played matches with all the many club teams we are playing for.  We are trying to get everyone on the same page so we can hit the ground running when we arrive in Japan.  The qualification process is not easy by any means.  Like I already stated, trying to qualify at the World Cup is tough enough.  If that doesn’t happen, you must win your zone qualifier which will be held in May.  If you do not win your zone qualifier, you are put into random pools of the remaining teams trying to qualify and you must win that to qualify.  We have three chances to get to London.  I look forward to making that process as short as possible.  Wish us luck!  Go Team USA


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