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Thu, 04/05/2012 - 12:09
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One of the best days of the year is always the day that you are heading to the airport to go home after a long season overseas. This season was no different. Playing in Russia was good for a number of reasons, but nothing beats being at home with your family and loved ones. Luckily the way my contract was set up, I got to leave Russia earlier than everyone else and I was able to get back to with Team USA much earlier than usual.
I am really looking forward to hosting the Olympic Qualifier event at the pyramid at Long Beach State on the 7th through the 12th of May (shameless but necessary plug). It will be the beginning test for our team as we continue on our journey to repeat as Olympic Champions in London. I have been back training with the team for about 3 weeks now and it is going about as well as it can not having most of our guys back yet. I believe the official start date is the 11th of April. It will be great to have everyone back so we can try to work out the kinks as quickly as possible. Right now in the gym we have a lot of new faces, mixed in with a few old ones. Some of the veterans in the gym right now are myself, Clay Stanley (coming back from knee surgery), Riley Salmon, Rich Lambourne, and Gabe Gardner.
I am excited about our teams chances. I am confident that everyone will come back focused and ready to perform. I read a tweet that that Olympics are only 115 days away. That is crazy to me. It seems like just yesterday that we were in Beijing. It’s a different quad, with a different coaching staff, and quite a few different players, but I hope that the end result will be the same. Even if it is not, remember that the journey is the prize. The sacrifice, the hard work, the practices, the dedication to excellence, the wins, and losses along the way are what makes all of this fun. Never take the journey for granted because without the journey, there can be no destination...
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