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Is it important to match my ball glove to the position I play?

by Mizuno USA on November 23, 2010

Yes! Each position requires different glove attributes. While it really comes down to personal preference, traditionally, the length of the glove's webbing is matched to each position (typically longer webs are for outfielder gloves while shorter webs are for infield positions).

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How many Major League Baseball players use Mizuno equipment?

by Mizuno USA on November 19, 2010

Currently, over 200 MLB players use Mizuno gear.

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How long has Mizuno used Wave Technology in its shoes?

by Mizuno USA on November 22, 2010

Wave was introduced by Mizuno in 1998 with the Wave ST. In 1999, the Wave Rider won the Runner's World Editors Choice Award. Since then Wave Technology has won over 30 Runner's World awards along with dozens of other industry accolades.

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