Frequently Asked Questions

Caring for Shoes

None of the Mizuno shoes are suitable for machine washing. This may destroy or damage the technical fibers used on the shoes. Cleaning can be done by hand washing in soapy water. However, you should not use chemically enhanced powders or detergents. Do not force or artificially dry your shoes. This may damage the materials used in the production of the shoes.

Ordering Shoes

Mizuno dealers have access to our entire line of products. Please inquire at your local Mizuno dealer about placing a special order for the product that you are looking for.


Our shoes come with a one-year warranty against manufacturers defects. Within the first year you may return defective shoes to your retailer or you may return them to us at Mizuno along with a copy of your receipt.

The Warranty Department will not replace defective shoes without a copy of the store receipt showing date of purchase less than one year. If you do not have the store receipt you may also use one of the following forms of proof of purchase date: copy of a credit card statement, copy of a bank statement, copy of a cancelled check. We will inspect the shoes upon receipt and will replace them if defective.

For information on how to return your shoes for warranty consideration please contact Customer Support.


Product question still not answered?

For any questions related to products, please contact Customer Support by phone or by email. We're here to help.