Excitement In November

November 22, 2013 Posted By: Clara Grandt

Leaves crunch and crackle under my Wave Riders.  Wind whistles past my ears as I break through the air.  I follow a path that twists and turns with the copper tree lined Monongahela River.  As I turn around in anticipation of a tailwind, I’m greeting with a chilled blast in the face.  How does the wind blow both ways?  By the time I finish my run, I feel rosy cheeked and wide awake from the brisk battle in the wind.  What a wonderful feeling.  Clearly its November.

In the past few weeks, I’ve been waking up even more excited to run.  Why am I looking forward to getting out the door more lately, I’ve wondered.  I thought about it and came up with a few reasons why I enjoy this time of year especially.  Those who make this an off-season, please don’t totally hang up your shoes, because there are many great reasons to enjoy running this time of year.

First of all, there’s Thanksgiving!  Thanksgiving is a holiday after my own heart.  It combines running and food, for which I am very thankful for both, in a way no other holiday does.  People all over the country wake up to lace up and join together in a fall morning Turkey Trot before gathering with family over a warm banquet of food. That makes me smile.

Another reason I get excited for November is the little extra things  I get to equip my usual daily running outfit of an Inspire tee and Maverick shorts  with.  November brings some great cool weather and that means things like an additional long sleeve Breath Thermo layer, high compression socks, gloves, and a headband.  I like the high socks especially.  For some reason they make me feel retro and old school.

There’s also plenty of racing going on.  I love racing more than spectating,  but if I’m not in my uni, I’ve always enjoyed going to races to run around and cheer my favorite runners on.  November is the heart of high school and college cross country championships, as well as marathon season.  These are great events to go get a fun run in, even as a spectator following along the course.

Also, a windy and cool day may leave me fighting wind both ways, but there is a feeling of adventure in it.  The clash of my warm skin against the cool air becomes refreshing and invigorating.  It leaves me with an excitement for my next run, my next race, and my next year.

Happy running in November!


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