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    San Diego, CA

    It took me almost a month to find the shoe that my feet would be happy with. Settling with the Wave EVO Cursoris has got to be one of the wisest decisions I’ve made. I’m a fore-foot/mid-foot strike runner, flat feet, and need a wide toe box (as my toes have been spread out by the Vibrams Five Fingers shoes when I wore them for almost a year). I’m a minimalist runner, and I love that the Cursoris is zero drop. It allows me to run naturally and strengthen muscles I didn’t use when I would use shoes with a lot of cushions (aka basketball shoes). I used to be sprinter and a heel-striker.. now I’m building up to be a long-distance runner (20-25mi/week) and this shoe does NOT give me blisters like other shoes. I love it, and highly highly recommends to runners of the same type (forefoot/midfoot, flat feet, wide toe box preference, and minimalist).


    Chicago, IL

    Thanks for the post :)

    I’m thinking about getting these, but I normally wear a 2E shoe…would these fit ok for those of us with wider feet?


    San Diego, CA

    Yes, definitely! Try them out at your local running store and see how they fit. Try out different sizes as well and give it a test to see what fits best :) .

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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