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    Palm City, FL

    I got my first pair of Mizuno Wave Rider’s on Tuesday. I have taken them out for two runs this week (a 4 and a 10 mile run). The left shoe makes a sound every time my foot hits the ground. Think of an air bubble being burst and then having a sound every time you “squish” it by hitting the ground.

    Is this normal? To me the sound is loud and I can hear it for every hit. If I walk on the front of my foot, I don’t hear it. As for my right shoe, it’s perfect…everything I want it to be!


    Abington, MA

    I recently bought a pair of Wave Rider 15′s and also noticed a squishy feel in the right heel. I noticed it right away and it was only in the one shoe. I returned them and got a refund.


    Opelika, AL

    I love my Wave Rider 16′s. First run a 10 miler right out of the box. I never even thought about my feet! Truly the mark of a great shoe.


    Sunny Isles Beach, FL

    The Wave Rider 16′s are my 3rd pair of wave riders and I simply love them! They are super lightweight and perfect. I’ve done easy and hard runs and my feet and legs have felt exactly the same after each workout that I wonder if maybe I should have pushed a little harder or further. I get giddy thinking about venturing out for a run and can’t wait to lace up and just run. Thank you Mizuno for continuing to produce an amazing shoe in the wave riders.


    Reno, NV

    My left shoe makes that sound when my knee is bothering me but only then. I am very light on my feet but my form suffers when I am sore so I tend to hit harder so maybe you are just a hard striker.


    Long Beach, CA

    I just bought my first pair of Wave Riders over the summer and I immediately noticed that same sound too. I had more lightweight nike free runs beforehand (but found I needed a better shoe for running longer distances), so that was very quiet in comparison. However, I feel the Wave Riders are much more comfortable over the long distance, and they’re still so light and breathable. I just figured it was the way I was running, as Varsity127 said above ^^.

    To thepavementprincess, now that you’ve had them for a couple months, are you still hearing that squishy sound when you run?


    Palm City, FL

    I ended up shipping them back to Mizuno and they replaced them. The replacement pair didn’t make any sounds. I’m loving every single step in my Wave Riders!


    Augusta, GA

    My last two pairs have made that sound, there is been no defects in the quality or ride of the shoe, just makes the sound, only in my left shoe. I just ignore it

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