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    Long Beach, CA

    TriMara, I have both the Wave Runner & Sayonara in the same size (9), and it fits pretty true to size (I’m normally a 8.5 – 9 depending on the brand).


    Littleton, CO

    I have been running in Riders since somewhere around version 10 or 11. Even through the model tweaks they have been pretty solid for me. I got my Sayonaras today and they feel amazing. I am in training for the upcoming Ultra season, so if anyone has insight as to what kind of mileage you have run comfortably at one time I would appreciate it.


    Arlington, VA

    I have to say I have never run in Riders, but I’m definitely going to consider them when I go to replace my regular trainers to pair with the Sayonaras because I definitely fell in love with them when I got them just a few weeks ago – they’re my go to track and tempo shoes and I have been wearing them for longer runs as well. Swoon.

Viewing 3 posts - 31 through 33 (of 33 total)

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