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    Corvallis, OR

    I love Waver Riders, but the Sayonara has been a great shoe thus far. I was chosen to be a tester, so I’ve worn them for about 8 runs so far. The first thing that I noticed was the heel. It’s very thin and if you’re used to a Wave Rider and you heel-strike, you will notice it. There’s a pretty big difference between the Rider and Sayonara in that area. That said, I didn’t have any problems with it. I am a neutral runner. I absolutely LOVE how lightweight they are. I have worn them on the road, on a trail, and for track workouts. They were great for all three. There seems to be a wider toe box in the Sayonara, but that didn’t bother me. I usually run in the Elixr and they feel more snug around my toes. Overall, I’m very happy with them and will try them out for a half-marathon in the fall. They make me feel fast!



    Minnetonka, MN

    Does anyone know how the Sayonaras compare to Saucony’s Virrata? I currently run in the Wave Rider 16 for my long runs and marathons and Saucony Virratas for short runs. My Virratas are almost worn out and I’m debating switching. Any insight would be great!


    Lyons, IL

    I’m with ktrunning on this one. The Wave Rider 13 was the shoe I fell in love with. I owned a total of 6 pairs of that model. I am down to my last bullet on the Rider 13′s though. My current pair has about another 200 miles left in them. I stocked up when they went out. After the “Ridergate” scandal, I moved on to the Precisions. Loved that shoe. So when I heard those were going out, I began to frantically look into other brands. That is when the Sayonaras came out. I have one new pair of Precisions still, and have not at all felt the urge to go back to them or the Rider 13, not even for the 20 milers. As far as the Precisions @ktrunning, I have a pair of Precision 12′s with almost 600 miles on them, I feel that the Sayonaras may give me 450.



    Everywhere!, ME

    I’m on my 3rd pair of Wave Sayonara, my first pair easily handled 500, and I’m now rotating 2 fresher pairs, both around 200 miles right now. I was a hardcore Elixir guy for years… but man, I love Sayonara


    Westover, WV

    I can’t wait to try the new Sayonara! I’m a Rider for 6 years now, but I’m really interested in trying the Sayonara after hearing such great reviews. I just started my training back in full swing after Ironman Lake Placid so this is the perfect time to try a new shoe with my new marathon training! Thank you for all the great reviews on them. Makes making the leap that much easier!


    Bell Island, NL

    Hoping to try out the Sayonara this week! Also contemplating getting the new Wave Rider 17 for my bulk mile shoe when it is released.


    Westover, WV

    How is everyone’s sizing with the sayanora? Are you able to buy the same size as your wave riders?


    O'Fallon, IL

    I have been wearing the Wave Rider since the 13s though I did skip the 14s due to bad reviews. I enjoyed the 15s but I think the 16s are much better and now I am on my third pair. I am in training for the Chicago Marathon and looking to set a PR so I started reviewing which shoes I should run in for race day when I came across the new Sayanoras. They fit the profile for what I was looking for: neutral shoe, lighter weight, ability to hold up on marathon day, and feel good on my foot. So I made the purchase. I now use the Wave Riders as my bulk training shoe and the Sayanoras for my speed work and race day and I am very pleased with this arrangement. I have no issues switching between the two shoes. I do feel the Sayanoras being lighter on the feet which is a great feeling. As for sizing, I have been wearing 12.5 in the Wave Rider but a 12 in the Sayanora. The thumb test shoes the same free space between the end of my toes and the end of the shoe on both pair.

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    Burton, MI

    I LOVE the Riders. I own 7 pairs of them. At my last big race I spoke to one of the Mizuno reps at the Expo and she had told me about the Sayanoras. I was very excited to buy a pair but they were sold out. So what I was just going to do was buy another pair of 16′s and wait until the Sayanoras came back in and just use those for my long runs/race shoe. Well, instead of purchasing another pair of Riders I ended up buying the Wave Inspire. I have been having Hamstring issues this past summer and I am in the process of retraining my body to run with a different stride. that is why I purchased the Inspire. Now my question is knowing the Inspire is a stability shoe, could I run/race in the Sayanora?? I would LOVE to try them out.


    Everywhere!, ME


    Great question!

    The Sayonara is a perfect addition to the lineup when paired with Inspire or Rider.
    Super light, fast, and very smooth out on the roads.

    Can’t wait to hear how you like it after some workouts!



    swampscott, MA

    Does anyone use the Sayonara as a daily trainer? Currently in the kinvaras but feel like I need a little more…


    Everywhere!, ME

    hi kreen!

    I run in the Sayonaras as my daily trainer (80+ mpw) and it works out awesome!
    I have friends who were Kinvara diehards, and I basically made them run in the Sayonara a couple times… although they fought me over it, they eventually forgot about the Kinvara.

    I think the Sayonara would make an excellent everyday go-to shoe for you!


    Veazie, ME


    I have been living in the Kinvara lineup (2′s, 3′s and 4′s) and love the shoe. However, when I feel the need for a little more between me and the ground, I go to the Sayonara as it’s the shoe that is closest to the Kinvara that I have found anywhere. The drop is a wee bit higher, but not so much that you really notice it. I agree with Seth that once you run in these a couple of times, you will be hooked!


    salinas, CA

    Im new to this program and i was wondering how we get the shoes to test them


    Long Beach, CA

    I have both the newest Wave Runners and the Sayonara, and I’d agree with BananaBuzzbomb on the feel: definitely lighter than the WR but still much more stability in the toe box compared to another minimal shoe. (I ran in Nike frees before deciding to buy both Mizunos). My experience is also similar to RuntoMunch in the sense that I use the Wave Runners for longer distances and the Sayonaras for shorter distance and tempo runs. However, I was doing this because I planned on running a half marathon in the Wave Runners, so now that the race is done, I may try to run more on the Sayonaras to get a better feel for them, as I do appreciate the lighter shoe — I hardly even notice them when I run.

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