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    Cypress, CA

    After being selected to test these out I still cannot be happier with them. They are they have the unique ability to not only give me the speed I am looking for but they provide the cushioning that is necessary for a comfortable running experience, giving this shoe quite the unique package. I have been running consistently on them for the past 3 weeks switching up between shorter, faster runs and the lengthier ones. It has been able to handle everything I have thrown at them and continue to hold up throughout the various conditions they have been tested in. At the end of the day this shoe feels great and gives you the unique experience of feeling fast and that’s something that makes my running more enjoyable.


    Toronto, ON

    I would love to know how they work in snow hills…
    with -30 c , that can be a good option to test them .


    Miami, FL

    Hi jddub!

    Did you also run in previous Wave Rider models? If so how does it compare?

    I’m currently on a Rider 15/Precision 13 rotation.

    I have a Sayonara which I bought last December but I haven’t really enjoyed it yet due to sore calves afterI started using it. I’ll also be buying the Rider 17 to replace my current shoe rotation once I reach max mileage from them.


    Baltimore, MD

    It’s really easy to get into a groove in these shoes. It’s amazing to think that these would have been easily labeled as “lightweight neutral trainers” only a few years ago. I feel like these were more generous in the toe box than in previous models, but that may just be me. Great update.


    Everywhere!, ME


    As a runner in the northern part of New England, and been running in below zero temps (Fahrenheit) I can assure you they perform AWESOME in the snow!



    montreal, QC

    I bought these last week after running for years in Frees… 2 runs in and so far so good. For the poster above the second run was on a -20 Montreal morning which I don’t particularly like, but feet were comfortable and traction was good. So far I am impressed.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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