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    San Antonio , TX

    I just got into running last year. 9-30-12 was my first 5 miles.I did my first 14 miles In the WR 16 on 9-14-13. this is the First time ever buying running shoes. So this is strictly from a novice point of view. The room in the shoe is outstanding I tried on Brooks Ghost 6 -to snug and not as light as WR16. Asics GEL-CUMULUS® 15 also narrow and not as light but did feel like they were softer (cushion) I’m 6’1″ 203 lbs I use weigh 287 lbs. I do tend to hit with my heel pretty good i also had a lot of problems with the balls of my feet going numb where my Pinky toe is. Well needles to say they felt great and did my 14 with no numb feet. It was the first time wearing the ever I guess that counts as breaking them in.


    Gillette, WY

    Almost 2 years ago now I went to a running store and they put my in the 14 or 15′s I don’t remember. I ended up losing them before ever getting to wear them. i ended up buying the same ones offline but I got the wrong size so they were tight when running, i went online to see what to get and mizuno website told me to get the 16′s so i got them off of rei (due to points i got them cheaper) i love them! i have only been using them since march and only seriously been running since may. my first half marathon is next month. knowing i should have another shoe to switch off i got another pair of 16′s they took a little bit to break in but love them. i don’t think i will ever get a new brand! i did start getting blisters but realized i was using my cheap socks and the socks were rubbing! after that i have been great! Love mizunos and so do my feet!


    Crescent City, CA

    It would be nice to see some standardized colors. I can’t get myself to put something that looks like these on my feet.


    St Charles, MO

    I’m 38 years old and have been running for more years than I can count. I’m running in the WaveRider 16 these days and love it. Mizunos have been in my closet for the past 7 or 8 years but the WaveRider 12′s are my all time favorite. If I could by a new pair of those today, I’d stock up with at least 4 pair. The 16′s are very close; they’re a tad stiffer and a I agree that they seem to break in a bit slow


    Burien, WA

    Hi all Jeff here from Seattle. I am returning to running after a long break (18yyears) kinda jazzed to see what some different shoes feel like. I currently have a selection of shoes I am trying. Asics gel equation, brooks pure grit. Any help would be


    Kenmore, NY

    I’ve been running in the WR for ever. I usually get 350ish out of a pair. Just took my new 16s out for a 4.5 miler last night and yes…they felt stiffer than I remember previous shoes being.


    Naperville, IL

    I haven’t run in any Mizunos since my pair of Wave Inspire 6. I had 1044 miles on them before I tearfully bid them goodbye. But little aches and pains were creeping in and that is my sign that a pair of shoes is done. After that it seemed that Mizuno changed the design of their shoes and they came up too high and rubbed my ankle bones. I took part in a Mizuno fit test and I recalled that I liked the Brooks Ghost so I have been running in that shoe after realizing Mizuno wasn’t going to work for me because of the ankle thing.

    This is the first time in a few years I found a pair from Mizuno that didn’t rub my ankles. I’m going for my second run in my WR16′s today. I am so excited to be back in a pair of Mizuno. They did feel just a bit stiff on the first run and I’m hoping they will feel a little more flexible today.


    San Diego, CA

    So. some months later. I’ve actually bought a second pair of 16′s, thinking it might be a fluke, but these (new pair) were still as stiff as the original pair. They did take a prolonged period to break in.


    Ballwin, MO

    I have been running in the Wave Creation 10-14 and have not tried the 16 as of yet. I love being able to count on the instant fit with the 13 & 14. I don’t know now if I’ll try the 16 or not after reading your inputs. Mine have done extremely well, and I think that the durability of the older years of shoes has pushed me through 3 half marathons and a biathlon all in one year. The Mizuno shoe has pushed me farther than any Asics ever has.


    Macomb, MI

    How does the WR 16 wide size, compare to the wave precision 13′s fit? I love my precision 13′s but now that they are being discontinued, I need a replacement.


    East Walpole, MA

    Excited to hear that you are getting back into running. Finding the right shoe depends a lot on your foot structure: flat feet, high arch or normal. Different shoes will fit your feet differently. To give you an idea I have flat feet, use arch supports and the Mizuno Wave Rider series were great to me. Brooks Cascadia 6 shoes also were a great fit as well. If you have a chance go to a store specializing in running such as Road runners or Balanced Athlete and explain to them what your running plans are, they might be able to help. Getting different stores opinions on your walking/running gait before you buy will pay off in spades during your training and years of running in the future. If you have questions feel free to ask.


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