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    San Diego, CA

    Has anyone felt that the WR 14 and 15 were “softer” than the 16: taking less time to break in and feel comfortable?


    Jake Brewer
    Auburn, AL

    yeah I thought that as well. Keep with them though and they will break in just fine.


    Salisbury, MD

    I didn’t have the prior models. I actually started with Asics Cumulus 12, 13, 14, and 15. I decided to try something different and fell in love with the WR 16′s. I instantly felt comfortable in them. I need to get another pair as I am quickly racking up miles in them.


    McGuire AFB, NJ

    I’ve owned WR 14 (x2), WR 15 & WR 16 too. I actually thought the WR 15 took longest to break-in but that may be because I didn’t use them as much because I wasn’t thrilled with the color scheme. Nevertheless, the WR is the best shoe out there for me.


    Everywhere!, ME

    Hey Gang! I’m Seth with Mizuno Running…

    Great feedback in here, keep it coming!!


    East Walpole, MA

    I have always found that with the wave rider series from 9-16, that they need to be broken in gently. Start with shorter runs then progress to longer runs. After accumulating about 20 miles mine would be broken in and ready for road races and trail running. Love the wave rider series!


    Middleton, WI

    I have always been happy with my shoes from the wave rider series. Truth be told…I just came from the store, needed a new pair. I keep wanting to try a different shoe…just for curiosity sake…but I keep landing in the Mizuno Wave Rider. It’s just consistently a great shoe. Thanks!


    Riverside, CA

    I LOVEd my WR 16′s. I don’t have another Mizuno shoe to gauge against. But they were very comfortable, way better than my Asics, were perfect in terms of arch support. But they ran out of mileage. Time for a new pair.


    aliso viejo, CA

    I started with the Wave Rider 13 I think (or was it 12, I don’t know) and didn’t like the 14s but liked the 15s again. the new 16s are so much better, lighter and more flexible than the 15s. Break them in a little and you’ll love them. I have 3 pairs of WR 15s with really low mileage on them and I keep telling myself I’m going to wear them more often, but I always always grab the 16s instead. They make the 15s feel like cement shoes.


    bear, DE

    I am on my 3rd pair of wave rider 16′s and usually can get close to 400 miles in them. My most recent pair have 282 miles and feel like they are shot already. Has anyone else notice this with recent pair? I think it may just be this pair because my previous 2 lasted longer!


    Everywhere!, ME

    282? That’s pretty low… I’ve never had a pair of Mizunos that did not hit 400 without issue.


    bear, DE

    SethMizuno … I agree!! I can ALWAYS get 400-450 miles in my Wave Riders! It just feels like there is nothing left in my latest pair. The left shoe worse then the right. Like I said I have never had this happen before.


    Bristol, RI

    To be honest, I still feel the WR 8 was the best fitting shoe for me. The later models held up well, but they just seemed different. My last pair was the WR 14 before switching to the Precision 12. I have yet to try the WR 16 though…maybe soon!


    Fresno, CA

    Just bought a new pair of WR16′s. I previously have been using Nike Free’s and after reading the posts I agree that there is some “breaking in time” for these shoes.


    Westover, WV

    I’ve had WR since the 12 or 13′s. The 14′s and 15′s were my favorite! I actually have the 16′s which I wore in my latest Ironman race, but have since switched back to my 15′s until this next paycheck when I can try out the Sayanora’s because I just can’t seem to get a good stride in the 16′s.

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