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    gulf breeze, FL

    Got my new Sayonaras last week and so far love them. I have logged 4 runs so far, the longest being 5 miles and they feel great. I highly recommend these shoes. I’m a big guy and I don’t always like light shoes, but these have a lot of cushion. Very cool shoes.



    san francisco, CA

    My new Sayonoras arrived last week. I gave them a trial run this weekend. 4.5 on Sat and 12 on Sunday.

    My break-in run of 4.5 was marginal (maybe due to snug fitting). Sunday was much different. Great comfort and performance. It’s a light shoe with cushion, yet solid support. I am slightly over 6′ and 175lbs. I was always pleased with the Elixir as a light weight stability performance shoe. However the Sayonora rocks! It makes a great racing shoe and looks very cool too!

    I will re-evaluate in a couple of weeks for an update



    Charlotte, NC

    I’m going on my 3rd week and am loving them. I’ve logged a 20-miler, plus track work, a tempo run, and a couple easy runs in them. I also wear the Precisions, which are being replaced by these. I thought the Precisions were light, but the Sayonaras are even lighter. They’ve had good response on all my runs, especially the track work. My feet felt good after the 20-miler, so for me, they provided plenty of cushioning. If you wear Precisions, I don’t think you’ll be disappointed with this replacement.



    Farmingdale, NY

    I have run three times so far in my new Sayonoras, each run was amazing, I feel the shoe helps me to push off my big toe increasing my stride length and decreasing my foot contract time. Best of all it is carrying over when I put on my racers and racing. By far the best trainer I have ever ran in.



    Great run at Siesta Key Olympic tri, super light.
    increasing mileage for Augusta 70.3



    Lancaster, PA

    I run in the wave riders and the precisions and was thrilled to get my sayonaras. I was a bit nervous doing my first run as I have never run in such a light shoes but the fit was great and so was the run! Looking forward to using them for speed work and racing!



    bear, DE

    I am completely in love with my new wave sayonaras! I have logged 6 runs in them and think they are amazing and light!


    Auburn, AL

    I’ve completed 4 runs in the new Sayonaras and have enjoyed them. The first two runs were 5-6 miles at a faster pace. The shoes felt light yet firm – in a good way. A short 3.5 run was a breeze. Ran 11 this weekend and still loving them. I Might have ordered a size too big – typically wear 9 but have a good bit of room around the toes. The mesh top has been comfortable in all of the humidity we are enjoying in Alabama. Overall- great shoes. Will report back after another week or two!


    Huntsville, AL

    Third run in the Sayonaras and this was a longer one a little over 12 miles. These shoes are lighter than my triathlon shoes which are my normal half marathon shoe so it was interesting to have less weight to deal with over that distance. Not quite as much cushion but there was quite a bit more road feel. After the run I had a little discomfort on my right end toe but it has also been a month or two since I have ran over 10 miles. I am going to check them on another long run to see if it is minor differences between shoes or just my running style. Have some speed work planned for tomorrow.



    Canton, OH

    I have only had the chance to run in the Sayanoras a few times, but I love them so far! I have gone on a few easy runs in them and I also was able to run a workout in them. I am used to the Wave Riders with my personalized in-soles, so these feel extremely light when compared to what I usually run in. However, I am being careful with how often I run in them to prevent any injuries. Either way, so far I love them!



    Lexington, MA

    I love the weight and now don’t want to wear my other heavier running shoes. They are a nice shape. After 3 weeks of wear however, I have a small hole appearing near my big toe.


    Windsor, ON

    finally got to get out and road test my new Sayanoras this week…ran 5M intervals and 4M easy run today…they felt light and a bit more responsive than my Wave 12′s. One thing I noticed (for me) the top box was a bit snug and slight pressure was felt on the outside of big toe. I assume this will go away but I will have to work with it either way. Most shoes on the market are mcu narrower in this region and it is just the way my feet are designed…lol. The Wave 12′s fit perfect and I never had a pressure issue with them…they were only shoe I had ever worn that didn’t force me into an oversized EE shoe. My only criticizm is that I wish the designers had left the toe box the same as Wave 12. The Wave 12 toe box fit me PERFECTLY…but as things have to change I will work with these and if necessary get a slight stretch from the local shoemaker. Hoping that Mizuno can work on this for next incarnation. Love the shoe otherwise.


    Lexington, MA

    You may get a hole appearing soon like I did!


    Bath, ME

    I’m loving my Sayonaras! I now have close to 200 miles on them and they are taking me on my second 26.2 in 11 days! The soles are wearing similar to my Precision 13s, but I don’t think the uppers are going to last as long. I have a few ‘tears/rips’ on the mesh where my foot creases the shoe and my big toe has come through the inner part, but not all the way through yet. Other than that, they make running fast feel effortless.




    I got my Sayonaras a couple of weeks ago and I too was amazed at how light they were, but also how cushioned they feel. I’ve done a few 4 mile runs in them so far in my training for my first marathon (Jan) and it’s awesome how comfortable they are. Once my other pair of shoes wear out (Asics) I think i’m going to try some more Mizunos in my rotation.

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