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    Sedona, AZ

    I’ve watched the Mezamashii Video for the Prophecy and LOVE it… it comes to mind VIVIDLY when I’m out on the road or trail and can completely identify with this feeling! I run the hilly trails and roads in Sedona, Boynton Canyon, Oak Creek Canyon, and surrounding Northern Arizona… MEZAMASHII at it’s fullest!!!

    I’ve worn my Nirvana’s out (stocked up when they were available) and am looking for a GREAT option for a supportive shoe to replace them… I LOVE my Mizuno’s, and drove 130 miles to the nearest retailer after falling in love with the pair I was gifted through this project to stock-up. I’ve now found a retailer just 45 minutes away who sells Mizuno and read online there’s a new shoe coming out in January for those of us who require a supportive shoe… You’ve got a really committed fan here!

    Any recommendations for street and trail? I am running my first Half in the Sedona Marathon Event Feb 2nd, and want time to adjust and break them in. Also would appreciate a second option for trail running. Please let me know when they’ll be available online and/or in stores so I can snag a couple of pairs quickly!

    Thanks Mezamashii Run Project AND Mizuno Shoe Guy! <3 My Shoes!


    Everywhere!, ME

    Hey TrailTrekker!

    Thanks SO MUCH for your loyalty! The Wave Paradox will hit stores in about a month. Super smooth, lightweight, great fit, and our most stable running shoe! We are very excited to hear what you think of it!


    Sedona, AZ

    I just ran my first race since receiving my new Wave Paradox shoes… they were barely broken in, but they fit like a dream! LOVE them!!! Postponed my Half due to a bad bout with the flu, but ran a hilly 10k in the Sedona Marathon and these shoes are incredibly stable and light weight. Can’t say enough how happy I am!
    Now it’s time to get ready for my upcoming Half!

    Thanks for the recommendation, Seth! These shoes rock!

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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