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    So…My Mizuno journey started in a pair of Wave Enigmas. I fell in love with Mizunos and won’t go to anything else. I did decide that I like a little less “softness” in my shoe, as I like to feel the ground a little more. I moved into a pair of the Rider 16 and really enjoyed them. Recently I have discovered I could relieve some leg aches and improve speed and endurance by shifting to a mid-foot strike. I’ll never go back to my heels again. I have my first marathon coming up in January and will need to pick up a new pair of shoes or two soon. I’m unsure where to go from here. I love my stride right now, I love to feel the road or trail underneath my feet, should I just stick it out with the Rider 16s? Move to the Sayonara? Or perhaps even slide my way into one of the EVO shoes. I’ll take any and all suggestions and I thank you in advance for your help and suggestions!

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