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    Atlanta, GA

    Hi Evo Cursoris and Levitas wearers,
    I’m curious how often you all wear your Evo. Do you wear them for most or all of your runs? Or are they specific for a type of workout? I’ve been transitioning to the zero drop, and so far so good. But I’ve really only worn them on less than 5 mile runs, and once a week (I run about 25-30 miles/week, 5-6 days). I was curious if you use them as your go-to shoe for most runs, or if you rotate them in for specific situations (and which ones).



    Veazie, ME

    Hi! I have the Levitas. I have a strict rotation schedule with my running shoes. I cycle the Levitas in amongst my Ekidens, and Wave Universe 4′s, depending on the length of the run. I love the tiny bit of cushion in the forefoot, but the best part is being able to feel my feet hit the ground, and know that I am landing properly for “me”. I try hard to land at least midfoot, and that keeps my gait and pace on track…it’s so much easier when you can “feel” the ground. Besides, they are so light, and airy.. you don’t even know you have them on!


    Rockwall, TX

    I wear the levitas and when i bought them I wore them almost exclusively in the beginning. The levitas had just enough padding in the forefoot, ample amount of room in the toe-box (big plus) and the shoe just felt perfect on my feet. I started rotating them out for long runs and tempos because that’s wear I know that this shoe works best for me in my training.


    San Diego, CA

    I have two EVO type shoes, Cursoris and Ferus. I love them both, so I’m thinking of getting another pair–maybe the Levitas for more minimalist running style or even just training/weightlifting in the gym. First time I ran my Cursoris, I fell in love with the ride, the comfort, the energy that it seems to bounce back to my body. It’s a great shoes, I even use them just to walk around or when I do my errands. The Ferus surprised me as well. The first time I wore them, I used them for the Tough Mudder event down in Temecula. Now I’m prone to ankle injuries due to long time history of playing basketball, and these shoes were just the right gear for me as it stabilized my feet and had good support despite the zero drop. Also, considering all the different kinds of terrains such as mud, water, and hills, and etc. that I had to go through to finish the event, this shoe was just perfect. I jumped, ran, swam, crawled, and walked in them and it didn’t give me any pain for 10-12 miles of obstacle courses. Best thing about it was that even though the shoe was got so dirty, it came out like brand new after I put them in the washing machine (I let it air dry). I do wish that they have more color options for the EVO series, as of right now I’m researching/looking online for the next shoe to get ;) , and a pair of EVO shoes is on top of my list.

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