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    Danville, KY

    OK, I’ve been running for about a year. when I started I could run a little over a mile before I had to walk. I’ve been running 4 to 5 days a week 3-5 miles at a time but still needing to walk up steep hills. I know I’m much better and I’ve lost weight etc. my question is… I feel like I’m not getting much better. Should I make myself run 6 miles and walk when I have to just to finish? should I run twice a day for 3 miles at a time. should I quit worrying about the walking and just enjoy my workout? I’d like to run a 10K or even a half marathon (my dream) but I’m too embarrased to enter because I know I’ll have to walk. what it the best way to increase my mileage without walking. I should say that where I run the hills are pretty significant and they are trails. Thanks for your help!


    Standish, ME

    Hi there and welcome to the ups and downs of running. I’ve been running since 1996 and still have days where I just don’t have it in me or when I do not want to get out the door. Barring illness or injury, those are the days when I turn my brain off and put my body on auto pilot, and yes, sometimes I walk! I don’t know why there is still a stigma with walking during a race. There should be less emphasis on the time you finish and more emphasis on the fact that you finished. And, more importantly, who cares what other people think? I think you got it when you suggested you stop worrying about walking and just enjoy your run. Running is probably one of the simplest sports out there. Enjoy it for its simplicity, for the beauty of your body as you run, your breath filling your lungs, the fact that you can run, etc. You will notice when you let go of the walking stigma, that you begin to enjoy your runs more and eventually, you will walk less and less, or perhaps you slow down a bit so you don’t have to walk. Walk or run, enjoy the time you are out!

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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