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    Meridianville, AL

    I ran my first seven miles in the all new “Prophecy 3″ and all I can say is “ouch”. Let me back up and a little and descibe the appearance. As I opened the box a harsh chemical smell is stronger then other Mizuno models I’ve run with. The outter shell is eye catching, with the honey comb pattern and luminesence glow. The “prophecy 3″ runs a half size bigger compared to other Mizuno running sneakers; I wear a size nine in the Enigma 2 and would need an 8 1/2 in the “prophecy 3″. The glove like feel is comfortable even with a wide foot. The lower ankle cup provides a constant feel as if one’s foot wants to pull out of the sneaker in a heal strike stride. I’m six foot tall, weigh 190 lbs and run 50 plus miles a week, and find the wave plate ridged and hard. I will continue to run short distances of 10km or less to see if the “prophecy 3″ needs a break in peroid.


    Milton, WI

    I found the same sizing issue with the pair I received (I’m 6′ 200lbs, neutral foot, size 14). Got these at size 14, like normal, and were most definitely too big. During my runs I have the same heel slippage problem you’re having, and yes, after running 60 miles in these shoes the plate rigidness from the mid-foot and back gets better, however, the plate towards to toe box hasn’t gotten any softer at all. This causes some soreness on the ball of my foot for me on runs 12+ miles.


    Meridianville, AL

    Since my first reply I have ran a total of 94 miles in the “Prophecy 3″. As with my first impression, I wasn’t a fan. As the miles passed by I started to slightly enjoy these sneakers. I’ve put these sneakers through morning physical readiness training in the Army which included a lot of running, jumping and abuse. The “Prophecy 3” held up and I really enjoyed the cushioning they provided when I added extra weight with ruck sack and body armor. The only changes I would make are deepening the heel cup. As a mid-foot runner, I find it hard to rate these sneakers as a favorite.


    Everywhere!, ME

    Great feedback EODdan04. Funny you mention being a midfoot runner, as I have found the Prophecy, although it looks like it is best for heel/toe… really shines best for a midfoot strike, as it’s one of our shoes that is really designed for any foot strike!


    omaha, NE

    I am up to 174 miles in my prophecy 3′s. I think they would be more comfortable with more arch support. They are ok for 4-7 mile runs, but anything longer and my knees are sore…especially 10 plus mile runs. LOVE the look of these!

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    Oakville, ON

    It is definitely a shoe that fits a half size larger. I just posted the identical issue every here is having, and the looser sizing is the only answer.
    I really wish i would have know earlier…..after 2 pairs of Prophecy and 2 pairs of Prophecy 2; one would “assume” that the Prophecy 3 would fit the same….i was fooled..and wasted my $200 on a shoe that is half size large.
    I am going back to the Prophecy 2.


    Everywhere!, ME

    mcampane –

    “wasted”? Can you not return the shoes for proper size?


    Oakville, ON

    Wish I could return them… but used them outside. I guess I put a little too much confidence in them out of the shoot.
    When I went from Prophecy 1 – to Prophecy 2 – it was a dream… no break in period,, just slipped them nd never looked back.

    I used the 3′s for 5k, 8k, 10k runs,, and never back to back,, always had to alternate with another shoe (to let the raw heel mend). Then I used the 3′s on a 21k long run. At 16k, I thought I would have to call a cab because of the blister from the heel slip.

    Oh well, I was able to find myself 2 brand new pairs of Prophecy 2′s,, ordered them up this morning, and looking forward to painless 2014. I will keep the 3′s for the odd 5-8k run.


    Newburgh, NY

    I’m no where near the size of these runners. Actually, I’m a 5’4″, 165 pound, former Marine who has been running, to some degree or another, all my life and in a variety of shoes. I agree that the sizing is different than other shoes I have run in, but once I found the proper size I haven’t felt any heel slip or foot discomfort of any kind. On the contrary, I feel the is shoe is part of my foot and travels with me with every stride.


    Everywhere!, ME

    Interesting feedback from ths shoe, as it’s kind of all over the place.

    I’m 5’11, 155lbs so not really a “big” runner but the shoe really flows like a dream for me. My daily trainer is the Wave Sayonara, but I used the Prophecy 3 for my easy runs and warmups/cooldowns before my workouts and races and love the fit and smooth ride.

    I think the 3 is much smoother than the 1 or 2, and the upper is much more flexible and comfortable due to the elimination of overlays. I would actually say the break in period was eliminated.

    That being said… I understand all runners feel different things in the shoes and I’m bummed they did not feel great MCAMPANE.

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