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    Saginaw, MI

    My first run with the Sayonaras was an easy 6 mile run. They felt light, but had enough protection from the road. They were very breathable and kind of felt bottom heavy. The Sayonaras have a wide sole giving room for striking at different places. I switched out to my Wave Rider 15′s and then did 5 more miles. The 15′s feel more comfortable and natural to run in. Since I’ve got the Sayonaras, I have done 7 runs in them. They worked/felt the best on my tempo run and faster runs. They did have enough stablity for my 11 mile long run, but i woudn’t use them for anything longer than thhat. I like the mesh upper, especially right now in the summer, and I like the grippers on the bottom. So those are my first imppressioins on the Sayonaras. Will post more as i wear them.



    Baltimore, MD

    Have a huge love affair with my Mizuno Wave Elixir 7′s (Bought several pairs at once). Not a huge fan of the Sayonaras. They are light and airy, which is great; however, they don’t seem to have the springiness of the WE. I have run three to thirteen miles in them. Some shoes do not support the ball of foot well; these seem to do a good job.


    Everywhere!, ME

    Runawaygirl –

    Hey I’m Seth with Mizuno Running! Interesting take on the Sayonara vs. Elixir. The first thing and perhaps biggest thing I noticed was the “springiness” or responsive feel I got from my first run in Wave Sayonara.

    The new midsole compound U4iC, vs. the older AP+ allows us to really create a smoother, more responsive and resilient ride… bummed you did not enjoy it as much as I did. Let me know if I can answer any further questions!


    Lyons, IL

    First when I pulled them out I noticed they were unlike any other Mizuno running shoe I have ever owned. First, the toe was not angled up. This looked more like a throwback shoe, being very flat looking.
    Second, looking at the bottom of the shoe I noticed that the treads did not appear to be as beefy as a Wave Rider, or a Wave Precision. Third, the fabric overlays on the shoe were awesome looking, and more minimal. Thinking about all of these initial concerns I came to a conclusion. These are a serious running shoe. I love that they are very lightweight (Sayanora Pure Flow 2′s LOL). When I slipped these on for a run, I walked in them on a concrete floor, and felt as if they might be too thin.
    I headed out for a quick road run . 100% hard surface. I have to say all of my concerns vanished when I started running in them. As thin as they seem, they provided more than adequate protection from stepping on rocks and debris. I now feel as if this shoe can be a daily driver for shorter runs, and speed work. This shoe will be in my rotation for my training for the 2013 Chicago Marathon. So I will provide more info as I log the miles.

    Things I noticed during my first run:
    As flat as they seem, they still offered great support for my arches (which are normal). They seem to breath as well if not better than the precision. Lighter weight materials?
    The minimal sole as compared to the precision’s protected my feet when I landed on small rocks and other debris.

    The flat profile, in conjunction with the reduced weight from a precision made them feel fast. They were faster and felt comfortable to go fast.



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