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    Marlborough, MA

    Disclaimer: I won the Wave Prophecy 3s as part of the Mezamashii Run Project giveaway, however, the details expressed below are completely my own and 100% factual. Also, apologizing in advance for the novel I’ve managed to write.

    I received my Wave Prophecy 3s about a week before I ran the Marine Corps Marathon (10/27), and they’ve been staring at me ever since. I was finally able to do some (actual) running in them today, but before I go into first impressions, etc. I’ll give some background on my experience in general with the Prophecys.

    I bought my first pair of Wave Prophecy 1s over two years ago while I was training for my first marathon. They were unlike any shoes I had ever run in before. They really spring you forward and they felt like they were providing that extra push to keep me going. They were not difficult at all to get used to and they looked awesome on top of that (I had the Anthracite/Gold/Chinese Red variation). Additionally, they provided great shock-absorption which was great for my knees.

    714 miles plus my second marathon later and I was buying my second pair of Wave Prophecy 1s. Same shoes, same feel, different color. This time around I bought the Dark Palladium/Silver/Lichen variation (because really, who wants to keep buying the same color running shoes). I put 703 miles on these which included 3 marathons:
    - 2012 Rock n Roll Las Vegas: 4:15:36 (original PR)
    - 2013 Boston Marathon: 4:19:50* (projected time, never got to finish)
    - 2013 Marine Corps Marathon: 3:20:16 (PR)
    Between the first marathon I ran in with my 2nd pair of Wave Prophecys and the last time I ran in them, I knocked almost an hour off my previous PR! Sure, I might have trained harder for this race, but the fact that they held up for all that training and for 676 miles prior to me running the marathon says quite a bit about the quality of these shoes.

    Now onto the Prophecy 3s. I’ve worn these shoes a total of 3 times so far. The first time was just around the house to get used to them, the second time was last Friday when I wore them in a cross-training class and the third time was today for the same class but with some running involved. So really I’ve had three different first impressions:
    1. “Hey! New shoes! This is great!”
    2. “Wow, these feel much more comfortable than my last pair. And holy crap this class is kicking my ass.”
    3. “I’m running again! These feel familiar… but somehow lighter and more supportive.”
    These shoes definitely feel like an upgrade. There seems to be some extra cushioning around my ankle which provides additional support and comfort. I clearly already love the Prophecys, but the difference between my second pair and these new ones are my second pair were just new shoes. The 3s are a new experience and an improvement on something that I was already happy with.

    Without a doubt I can say that the $199 price tag on each of these shoes have been completely justified by the 1400+ combined miles I’ve been able to put on them in over two years. Not many people can say they have worn just two pairs of running shoes across 5 marathons (and the training that goes with it) without sustaining some kind of injury. I am very happy and lucky to have been given the opportunity to wear-test the new Wave Prophecy 3s, and I am very excited to see where they take me!


    Chicago, IL

    I just picked up a pair of the 1st gen Wave Prophecys; I cannot wait to run in them!

    Thanks for the post; really well done :)


    Marlborough, MA

    Just seeing this now, but thank you! How are you liking the 1st gen Wave Prophecys? I had such a great experience with the 1st gens for 2 years, I hope you do too!

    The 3s have been good to me so far since I first started wearing them. This week starts my official training for the marathon. I’m excited to see how they hold up throughout the winter (snow/ice).

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