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    Huntington Beach, CA

    Some days it is easy to get my running cloths on and get out the door and just run. Some days I have to force myself to make the first move to put on my running shoes and walk out onto the street and just start moving. Whether it is just to go for a run, or a training run with a specific goal in mind or maybe I just need to run and to move my body. At first nothing seems quite right I can’t get your breathing right, I have little aches and pains. But then it happens I settle in and I know why I run, for that time I am running everything seems right and I can just run and run and then I get to that place where if I turn right I will head home but if I keep going I can add a few more miles and that’s what I do. I just keep going and when I am done and I am tired and exhausted and I have that feeling of accomplishment and knowing the joy of being done for the moment but knowing I will never be done running.


    Bass Lake, CA

    So well said … I think that is the reason we run! We run because even though every fiber of our being says no we know that once we settle we find a place of serene focus and peace that can only truly be understood by other runners.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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