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    Beecher, IL

    Has anyone ran in the WR16 and the Ghost 6. I am considering trying a pair of WaveRider 16′s and currently run in Ghost 5′s. I am running a marathon in November and these would be my marathon shoes. So it’s either WR16 or G6.


    Everywhere!, ME

    Hey Dan!

    Thanks for the note.

    So the #1 difference between our shoes and Brooks (in my opinion) is that Brooks shoes are much, much softer. The addition of Brooks DNA in their midsoles, and the padded tongues/ heel counter create a much different running experience.

    Don’t get me wrong.. Brooks makes great stuff to, but our shoes tend to be a bit more responsive out on the roads, and are lighter than most competitors. For example, Wave Rider 16 is nearly a full ounce lighter than Ghost 6!

    Let me know if I can help or answer any further questions!


    Opelika, AL

    Both the Ghost and the Rider are really nice neutral shoes with really different rides. I have not been able to decide which I like best so I just keep both in a rotation.


    Everywhere!, ME

    Boogerbob (best name ever!)

    That sounds like a great choice. I totally believe in rotating a few different shoes in your training!



    Natick, MA

    Hey Dan, so I’m a female and there may be some differences in the shoes and the feel because of that, but I just tried to add the Ghost6 into my rotation and I found that they are ok for short runs, but I tried to do a long run in them and I did not like them at all. I’m now rotating the Rider and the Creation. The Creation is a bit of a heavier harder shoe, but I still swear by it, I’ve been wearing them for years and I’m not ready to give them up!


    Everywhere!, ME


    Agreed that the Ghost is a good shoe for lots of runners, and it would feel closer to the Wave Rider than the Creation… but that Rider/Creation rotation you have going is a solid combo and should be great for all your training!

    Creation on the longer runs you might want a bt more support, and the Rider (lighter/faster) for the workouts.

    Have you tried the Wave Sayonara yet?


    Natick, MA


    I have not tried the Sayonara. I am a little nervous. I like my solid shoe so much, I’m a little scared to bite the bullet and go down in structure. I also hear the toe box is a little wider which also scares me away a little. I love the toe box on the Creation and Riders. The larger toe box is actually one of the reasons I ended up disliking the Brooks Ghost. If you can convince me that it’s all good, I’ll try them. :)


    Madison, TN

    My wave rider 16′s are my favorite shoes for long runs by far. I rotate my asics gel nimbus for shorter runs to spread out the mileage and wear and trail runs because they seem a bit more stable off road. I have over 220 miles on them now and the only real wear showing up is right shoe mid sole outside edge. Evidently I must roll that foot a little bit with each stride.


    Madison, TN

    I knew that miliage looked funny… It’s more like 467 miles since January.


    Greensboro, NC

    I’m on my fourth pair of Wave riders. Nothing else compares. It’s the “BMW” of running shoes.
    Love them!

Viewing 10 posts - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)

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