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    Marlborough, MA

    It has been 5 long months since I first strapped on my Wave Prophecy 3s. Living in Massachusetts while training for the Boston Marathon was no easy task this year. I had to run in snow, rain, ice, freezing rain, negative temperatures, and a handful of warm, sunny days. I managed to get out on the road 82 times before the marathon this year, covering over 595 miles. This included interval training, long runs, short runs and hill workouts. Not once did I feel my shoes let up on me.

    Then came Marathon Monday. I was off to finish the race that I started last year but was unable to finish due to the events that took place that day. I felt ready, emotional, strong, sore after Heartbreak, happy, tired, in awe from the supporters, energetic, etc.. Everything you might imagine from this type of event in this city. Not once did I have to think about my feet or my shoes during the race. I finished with a PR of 3:11:22 (previous PR of 3:20:16).

    Needless to say I have had an overall positive experience with these shoes. 621 total miles and I think they’re ready for retirement.

    I’ve got about 3 weeks off before I start training for the Berlin Marathon (9/28) and the Chicago Marathon (10/12). For now though, I’m looking forward to a few days of rest and recovery.

    (If you would like to read about my first impressions of these shoes and my past experiences with the first gen Prophecys, visit: http://www.mizunousa.com/running-mezamashii/topic/finally/)

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