Mizuno JPX-EZ Hybrids

“The JPX EZ hybrid is such an addictive club – straight and effortlessly long. With the deeper face its much more effective from the tee than any our previous hybrids. It’s going to endanger of lot of long par three’s.”
David Llewellyn – Golf Club R&D Manager

Design Details

Available November 2013 - Check with your local Mizuno Golf retailer for availability!

Your odds just improved with the new, extremely versatile JPX EZ hybrids.

A vastly larger, deep club-head demands its fair share of tee shots – while its extended, low profile back creates the deep weighting needed for steep, fast stopping landing angles. Crisp, clean ball striking is promoted through a face forward design that allows the leading edge to slide between the ball and turf.

The JPX EZ’s sheer size is backed up with a Flex Face design which maintains high ball speeds and consistent distances, even on contact high or low on the clubface.

Attack the course. Take your hybrid play to a new level with the JPX EZ.

Tech Spec

  • HOT METAL Face Design: Ultra-thin 1770 maraging steel face for solid feel and explosive distance.
  • Large 127cc clubhead: With deeper face for aggression from the tee.
  • Face Forward Design: Assists leading edge under ball for crisp contact.
  • Flex Face Design: Increases effective rebound area for increased distance
  • Harmonic Impact Technology: Tuned sound for a powerful, solid feel at impact.


Club #2345
Loft º16.0º19.0º22.0º25.0º
Lie º59.0º59.5º60.0º60.5º
Face AngleSquareSquareSquareSquare
Length "41.00"40.25"39.50"38.75"

Standard Stock SKUs

210576 RH Graphite

Stock Shafts

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Fujikura Orochi Black Eye Hybrid -
R, S

Custom Shafts

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Fujikura Orochi Black Eye Hybrid -
LL, L, R, S

R, S, X

Stock Grips

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0.60 Round

Custom Grips

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Tour Velvet - 0.58 Round

Tour Velvet Midsize - 0.60 Round

Tour Velvet Jumbo - 0.60 Round

Tour Velvet White Full Cord - 0.60 Round

Tour Velvet Black Full Cord - 0.58 Round

Tour Velvet 360

Tour Wrap 2G - 0.60 Round

Tour Wrap 2G Jumbo - 0.60 Round

Tour Wrap 2G White - 0.60 Round

Multicompound BL/BK - 0.58 Round

Multicompound RD/BK - 0.60 Round

Multicompound WH/BK - 0.60 Round

Multicompound WH/BK - 0.60 Round, Midsize

Multicompound YW/BK - 0.60 Round

Multicompound Whiteout RD - 0.60 Round

Multicompound Whiteout BL - 0.60 Round

Multicompound Whiteout BK - 0.60 Round

Xi7 Men's - 0.58 Round

DriTac Women's - 0.60 Round

DSI Black Women's - 0.60 Round

Winn Mizuno Lady Excel 360

Cross Line - 0.58 Round

R.E.L. 3GEN "Mizuno" Blue - 0.60 Round

R.E.L. 3GEN Gray - 0.60 Round

R.E.L. 3GEN White - 0.60 Round

R.E.L. 3GEN Red - 0.60 Round

R.E.L. 3GEN Orange - 0.60 Round

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