Mizuno JPX-EZ Fairway Wood

Mizuno JPX-EZ Fairway Wood

      “The right JPX-EZ fairway wood could retire your driver. We made the faces as deep as we could to make it more substantial from the tee – but stretched the profile way back so it was effortless to launch as well. They’ll change the way you play.”
      Chris Voshall, Golf Club Engineer

      Design Details

      Available November 2013 - Check with your local Mizuno Golf retailer for availability!

      Your odds just improved from both the fairway and off the tee with the new JPX-EZ fairway woods.

      A deeper, more substantial face has the brashness to stand up to your driver – demanding its fair share of tee shots. Yet a stretched out back, hugs low to the ground to create the low, deep weighting necessary for an effortlessly high flight from the turf. 

      The JPX-EZ’s sheer size is backed up with a Flex Face design – maintaining high ball speeds and consistent distances even from strikes high or low on the clubface. Attack the course. Play like you’ve never played before with JPX-EZ.

      Tech Spec

      • HOT METAL Face Design: Ultra-thin 1770 maraging steel face for solid feel and explosive distance.
      • Large 192 cc deep clubhead: Inspiring an aggressive approach.
      • Deeper face: Challenges your driver for more tee shots.
      • Flex Face Design: Increases effective rebound area for enhanced trampoline effect and extra distance.
      • Harmonic Impact Technology: Tuned sound for a powerful, solid feel at impact.


      Club #1518
      Loft º15.0º18.0º
      Lie º58.0º58.5º
      Face AngleSquareSquare
      Length "42.75"42.25"

      Standard Stock SKUs

      210575 RH Graphite

      Stock Shafts

      See Shaft Specifications

      Fujikura Orochi Black Eye Fairway -
      R, S

      Custom Shafts

      See Shaft Specifications

      Fujikura Orochi Black Eye Fairway -
      LL, L, R, S

      R, S, X

      Stock Grips

      See Grip Specifications

      TOUR VELVET 360 -
      0.60 Round

      Custom Grips

      See Grip Specifications

      Tour Velvet - 0.58 Round

      Tour Velvet Midsize - 0.60 Round

      Tour Velvet Jumbo - 0.60 Round

      Tour Velvet White Full Cord - 0.60 Round

      Tour Velvet Black Full Cord - 0.58 Round

      Tour Velvet 360

      Tour Wrap 2G - 0.60 Round

      Tour Wrap 2G Jumbo - 0.60 Round

      Tour Wrap 2G White - 0.60 Round

      Multicompound BL/BK - 0.58 Round

      Multicompound RD/BK - 0.60 Round

      Multicompound WH/BK - 0.60 Round

      Multicompound WH/BK - 0.60 Round, Midsize

      Multicompound YW/BK - 0.60 Round

      Multicompound Whiteout RD - 0.60 Round

      Multicompound Whiteout BL - 0.60 Round

      Multicompound Whiteout BK - 0.60 Round

      Xi7 Men's - 0.58 Round

      DriTac Women's - 0.60 Round

      DSI Black Women's - 0.60 Round

      Winn Mizuno Lady Excel 360

      Cross Line - 0.58 Round

      R.E.L. 3GEN "Mizuno" Blue - 0.60 Round

      R.E.L. 3GEN Gray - 0.60 Round

      R.E.L. 3GEN White - 0.60 Round

      R.E.L. 3GEN Red - 0.60 Round

      R.E.L. 3GEN Orange - 0.60 Round

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