Mizuno AeroLite® [X] Golf Stand Bag




      Product Features


        Mizuno introduces our GEN5 collection of AeroLite® [X] bags – a limited production run of graphic printed AeroLite® bags, aimed at the younger, more fashion aggressive player looking to stand out in the crowd.


        Mizuno Kabuki™ Organizer Top Cuff

        •  Patented organizer top cuff with ‘Divide and Slide Technology’ that uses the natural weight of the heads to separate clubs for easy and quick access during play.
        Mizuno SliderStrap
        • Mizuno AeroStrap® with slider strap function, allowing the natural weight of the bag to find the most comfortable COG carry.
        Mizuno Cable Grip
        • Lightweight, flexible handle with soft touch tubing.
        Mizuno AirFlow Hippad
        • Mizuno Airmesh™ HipPad that allows free flow of air, providing a comfortable carry with reduced perspiration build-up.
        Mizuno Shower Cap
        • Lightweight, waterproof rain hood that offers smaller pocket storage space usage.

      Product Details

      Weight 4 lb

      Scream Louder (0090)
      50/50 (0052)
      Tora (0090) 
      Sake (9013)

      Sizes 34.5" H X 8.5" W
      Style 240156
      Golf Bag Divider - Kabuki 7-Way Divider

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