AeroLite™ SPR Golf Stand Bag

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      Product Features

        An upgraded 7-way Tour Preferred top cuff, with EasiGrab Handle make the AeroLite™ SPR the flagship of the AeroLite™ family. Other features include an upgraded AeroStrap, featuring SliderStrap™ technology, using the natural weight of the bag to find the most comfortable COG for carry, Pivot Base™ for superior stability.  


        Mizuno 7-way Top Cuff

        • 7-way Top Cuff dividers allow for easy racking and management of clubs, combined with an integrated EasiGrab Handle.

        Mizuno SliderStrap™                                           

        • Mizuno AeroStrap™ with a slider strap function, allowing the natural weight of the bag to find the most comfortable COG carry.

        Mizuno Pivot Base™

        • Two part pivot base that provides superior stability and excellent cart use.

        Mizuno Cable Grip™                                            

        • Lightweight, flexible handle with soft touch tubing.      

        Mizuno Glove Grip™                                           

        • Velcro patch for glove attachment between shots.

        Mizuno Shower Cap™                                          

        • Lightweight, waterproof rainhood that offers smaller pocket storage space useage.

      Product Details

      Weight 6 lb

      Black/Platinum  (9071)                                         

      Staff  (5959)                                    

      White/Red (0010)

      Sizes 34.5" H X 8.5" W
      Style 240144
      Golf Bag Divider - Kabuki 7-Way Divider

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