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      Product Features

        Mizuno’s AeroLite Family expands to a lightweight cart bag.  Weighing only 4 lbs, the AeroLite™ Cart bag features a lightweight construction with Mizuno’s unique 14-way Kabuki™ Top Cuff.  Other features include large forward facing Pelican Pockets™, lightweight waterproof ShowerCap™, EasiGrab Handles and Glove Grip™. 



        Mizuno 14-Way Divider Top Cuff                                   

        •  Management for a full set of clubs with three-way full length dividers.

        Mizuno Shower Cap™  

        • Lightweight, waterproof rainhood that offers smaller pocket storage space useage.

        Mizuno Chiller Pouch™                                 

        • Insulated pocket that keeps drinks chilled.

        Mizuno Pelican Pocket™                                              

        •  Forward opening, large mouth zip closure pocket               

        EasiGrab Handles

        • Handles at both ends and center of bag for an easy, balanced carry.

        Mizuno Glove Grip™                                            

        • Velcro patch for glove attachment between shots.                              

        Range Finder Pouch                                    

        • Forward facing, soft lined Range Finder® pocket.

      Product Details

      Weight 4 lb

      Staff (5959)

      Black/White (9000)

      Black/Fire (9029)

      Charcoal/Orange (9292)

      Sizes 34.5" H X 8.5" W
      Style 240145
      Golf Bag Divider - 14-Way Divider

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