Frequently Asked Questions

What is the warranty on Mizuno golf clubs?
There is a 1 year warranty on new clubs purchased through an Authorized Mizuno Golf Retailer to the original purchaser for manufacturer's defects which are not the result of misuse, abuse, accident, damage in transit or have been altered by someone other than Mizuno (i.e. loft, lie, or shaft replacement). If you require warranty service you will need to take the club and a copy of your receipt to a Mizuno Golf retailer. They will obtain a return authorization number from us and send it in for inspection. If it is ruled under warranty, it will be repaired and sent back. If it is ruled not under warranty, you will be contacted for further instructions.

Do you refinish clubs?
Unfortunately we do not refinish any clubs. Here is a list of companies that specialize in refinishing.

I have a pair of golf shoes with the permanent ceramic spikes. How can I get them converted to soft spikes?
LaRossa Shoe at 800-562-2212 or can resole these shoes with soft spikes.

Can I purchase products directly from Mizuno?
You can now purchase any of our Golf softgood products online. Just look for the "Buy Now" button on the product pages of our golf bags, golf gloves, apparel and accessories. To purchase any of our golf clubs, you can find a Mizuno Golf Retailer in your area by using the "Store Locater" application on

My forged irons have rust showing up on the face of the club, what should I do?
Forged heads are made of mild carbon steel that is chrome plated. Once you start hitting golf balls, you scratch the surface of the chrome and eventually expose the raw steel to moisture, and chemicals that can cause rust to form. The best way to minimize rust is to keep the irons dry at all times, wipe them after every shot and at the end of the round with a dry cloth. When cleaning, use only a NYLON brush (no metal) and dry them with a dry towel. If you get some rust forming, spray the surface with WD-40, clean with a soft nylon brush or Scotchbrite pad and wipe them clean with a dry cloth. Some high nitrogen fertilizers, sandy soil conditions and water with high iron content can accelerate the production of rust. The use of iron head covers is not recommended as they trap moisture and accelerate the production of rust.

Do you have replacement clubs for your older models?
Once a model is retired we keep a limited inventory of replacements for approximately 1 year. Here is a list of companies that also may be able to assist you.

What are the washing instructions for your Performance Rainwear?
Wash in Cold water with a mild detergent (NO BLEACH OR FABRIC SOFTENER) and hang to dry.

What happens to my warranty if my local club repair center adjusts the lofts, lies and / or changes the shafts?
Your warranty will become void, as we do not authorize any outside source to do work on our clubs. We do offer loft and lie adjustments along with shaft replacement services through your local Mizuno Golf retailer. You will need to contact your local Mizuno Golf retailer and they can give you the cost and time line.

If I buy clubs on the Internet do I get a factory warranty?
If the person you purchased the items from were an Authorized Dealer you would have a factory warranty (receipt would be required). FYI – Auction sites like EBay, Golf Club Exchange, … are classified as a reseller environment and products purchased there may not have a factory warranty.

How do I get warranty service for products purchased over the Internet?
You would have to deal directly with the Internet retailer you purchased the item from.

WARNING-- Counterfeit Clubs / Unauthorized Online Dealers
Not all online retailers that sell products claiming to be from Mizuno have, in fact, obtained the products from Mizuno. Consumers in the United States and Canada have recently purchased sets of so-called "Brand New" Mizuno golf clubs at low prices on on-line auction sites and the internet. These clubs were, in fact, low quality fakes. In some cases, the irons were not even forged, but cast counterfeits. Mizuno cannot confirm the source, quality nor authenticity of products unless they are purchased from an authorized online Mizuno dealer.

 If you have any questions regarding these or other online retailers, call Mizuno USA's Consumer Line at 1-800-966-1211 BEFORE you make a purchase.