MP-53 Named #1 Forged Cavity Back By

by Iver Maple on December 16, 2010, one of the most influential golf equipment blog sites on the web, recently finished up an in depth product review to find out what iron is the BEST forged cavity-back in the game. After months of testing, the results are finally in...The #1 Forged Cavity Back Iron Goes To the Mizuno MP-53!

Mizuno continues its tradition of creating the world's finest irons, as the MP-53 took on, and beat, all competitors that participated in's "Ultimate Review."


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Midwest Golfing Recognizes Mizuno's Performance Fitting System

by Iver Maple on November 4, 2010

Word of Mizuno's Performance Fitting System with Shaft Optimizer continues to spread. Midwest Golfing Magazine recently released their Fall issue which contains a nice two-page article on custom fitting, and more specifically the Performance Fitting System from Mizuno. The article gives a first person account of what happens during a fitting with Mizuno's innovative system, and also what sets the Mizuno Performance Fitting System apart from any other experience out there.  As part of the article there are images of the M...

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by Iver Maple on February 4, 2010

Following up on their "Editor's Choice" award in Golf Digest's 2010 Hot List, Mizuno's MP-58 irons with Dual Muscle Titanium technology are now making huge waves among the editors of some of the largest Equipment blog sites on the internet., well known for giving extremely honest and thorough reviews, is one of the first to post their review of the MP-58s, and to say it is "GLOWING," would be an ...

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