Mizuno's MP-650 Ranked #1 In MyGolfSpy.com's Fairway Wood Test

by Iver Maple on December 13, 2012

Cult equipment site MyGolfSpy has rated the Mizuno MP-650 'best overall' in their 2012 Fairway Wood Test.

With real golfers testing all the best known fairway woods for both accuracy and distance in a set of very robust conditions....the eventual winner surprised MyGolfSpy, but not us.Comments from the review:"I know. I’m as shocked as you are…as shocked as anyone. Of course given that the MP-650 was one of only two cl...

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Three Guys Golf Reviews Mizuno Outerwear

by Iver Maple on October 25, 2012

A blogger on the new popular golf website Three GuysGolf tested the ImpermaLite Flex Rain Top and ImpermaLite Performance Shell and Pant. Overall, the outwear was very positively received. To summarize the review, Three Guys Golf says “if you’re in the market at all, do yourself a favor, and at least give some consideration to Mizuno this year. They have a variety of rain jackets, pull-overs and pants, and they are simply amazing” and "this was the most impressed I'd ever been with a piece of rain gear."Read the full review on their site:

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Mizuno Irons Take Home Three "Player's Choice" Awards from Golfing Magazine

by Mizuno USA on June 27, 2011

The latest edition of Golfing Magazine includes their annual irons review, in which all four irons from Mizuno's current lineup were very well received.  In fact, three of our irons - JPX-800 Pro, MP-63, and MP-53 - all received 2011 "Player's Choice" Awards from the publication.  Golfing Magazine ranked all the irons based upon appearance, forgiveness, feel, consistency, and distance.

In the Game Improvement category, both the JPX-800 and JPX-800 Pros scored very well.  The

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“Hands-down…best wedge we have tested in 2011. The scores for the Mizuno MP-T-11 wedges were off the charts!” – MyGolfSpy.com

by Iver Maple on June 9, 2011

MyGolfSpy.com, one of the most popular golf equipment sites in the world, recently reviewed the Grain Flow Forged Mizuno MP T-11 wedges, and to say they were impressed would be an understatement. The MP T-11 is the wedge of choice for Luke Donald, the #1 player in the world, and well known for having the finest short game in the world.Here are just a few comments from the review: “Quite frankly we can’t imagine many wedges will spin more than the

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Three Mizuno Irons Receive High Praise In GOLF Magazine's Club Test 2011

by Iver Maple on March 21, 2011

GOLF Magazine, a Sports Illustrated publication, has published their ClubTest 2011, in which three of Mizuno's irons, the JPX-800s, JPX-800 Pros, and MP-53s, are prominently featured. Each iron is pictured in the magazine, along with pricing information, and a web reference to the Mizuno page on GOLF.com's website. GOLF Magazine provides an extensive review in a variety of categories, including playability, accuracy/forgi...

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