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Chris Wood

Chris Wood

European Tour Golfer
Residence | Bristol, England,

After a top-5 finish as an amateur in the 2008 British Open, Chris Wood proved his future is bright by following up with a 3rd-place finish in 2009, putting him on his way to earning the Sir Henry Cotton award as the 2009 European Tour Rookie of the Year.

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I had two weeks off after the Masters working really hard on my game with my coach.

by Chris Wood on April 30, 2010

Last year my caddie Dave McNeilly rated my driving two or three out of 10. This year he reckons it's gone up to 7 or 8.I concentrated on actually playing as competitively as I could because I feel my season has been so stop-start that I’ve not got into any groove. I’m anxious to get into a playing mode.  I made sure I played at least nine holes every day. I played 18 holes a day in a four-round tournament format, two rounds at my own club, Long Ashton, and rounds at the Kendleshire in Bristol and Burnham and Berrow.I’ve been playing a lot better than...

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During my first (and only) round at the WGC. Didn't quite work out as planned.

by Chris Wood on February 24, 2010

I have one great advantage going to the MastersLet's start with my equipment.  My first year as a pro i wasn't contracted to anyone, so i had a sort of pickamix' set.  Towards the end of last year, though, I started using Mizuno irons. Straight away, I got at least half a club’s difference. I was hitting the ball half a club further. I’m using the MP-68s. The three- and four-iron I use are MP-62’s with a smallish cavity....

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