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Chris Wood

Chris Wood

European Tour Golfer
Residence | Bristol, England,

After a top-5 finish as an amateur in the 2008 British Open, Chris Wood proved his future is bright by following up with a 3rd-place finish in 2009, putting him on his way to earning the Sir Henry Cotton award as the 2009 European Tour Rookie of the Year.

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Chris Wood Diary -- May 2011

by Chris Wood on May 7, 2011

I had to put out an SOS to Mizuno last week - for a new wedge.I broke mine last week in Korea, not out of aggression but a pure accident. It got wrapped round a tree. I was playing a recovery shot and followed through into the trees.  So thanks boys for coming to my rescue.Perhaps that little mishap rather reflects how the last few weeks have gone – when things could go wrong they did!It’s been nice to get back to Europe. I really struggled to enjoy the Asia swing. I didn’t play great, I was a long way from home, and I tend to struggle with the&nb...

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It’s quite amazing what you find out when you’re trying to improve your game.

by Chris Wood on December 22, 2010

I’ve recently discovered my left leg is two centimeters longer than my right leg! I found out about the leg discrepancy when I went to see Steve McGregor, Lee Westwood’s respected fitness trainer.  This was because I’ve been trying to sort out a back problem. I suffer from an irritable joint which often slips out of place. Apart from causing quite a lot of pain it feels really weird when it happens, like somebody trying to shove my left leg up into my back. It’s really affected me badly at times. I don’t know where my feet are aiming, my hips, ...

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Like everyone in golf, the Ryder Cup has dominated my thoughts and attention

by Chris Wood on October 6, 2010

I'm envious of those that made the team.Especially living in Bristol, only half an hour from Celtic Manor.When they started I was in the gym when the match was badly disrupted by bad weather. Some of the members said ‘I bet you’re glad you’re not playing’. I’d play the Ryder Cup in snow or a sand-storm. The atmosphere was fantastic, like a football stadium.Of course I’m envious of those that made it into the team, but I’m young and I’ve got at least 20 years of Ryder Cup chances in me, I hope.It just didn’...

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I thought I was going to put in some dedicated putting practice the week after the Portugese Open

by Chris Wood on July 10, 2010

I thought i was going to put in some dedicated putting practice the week after the Portugese Open but when i got home, a leaking water tank had flooded most of my flat.I wonder if anyone else noticed my socks.Three-quarters of my flat floor had to be ripped up. That was very stressful and bang went my putting practice that week, so I decided to take the following week off as well, the BMW International week.I then got some useful putting practice in. I was still a little frustrated with my stroke in the French Open – 35 putts for level-par on the Saturday, for ins...

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I’ve experienced a lot of highs and lows over the last two or three weeks - but they were all good i think.

by Chris Wood on June 12, 2010

At Wentworth it was a new experience, leading going into the final round and dealing with lots of different thingsObviously there was a lot of pressure on me. But there were lots of other different little things you’ve got to do, like seeing your name on the leaderboard and trying not to let it get to you. It’s quite easy to let your mind wander a little bit.But the more I can put myself into contention then the more I can learn from experiences like that. I played in Majorca the week before and was there or thereabouts all week as well. It might not be as big as t...

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