Three Mizuno Irons Receive High Praise In GOLF Magazine's Club Test 2011

by Iver Maple on March 21, 2011

GOLF Magazine, a Sports Illustrated publication, has published their ClubTest 2011, in which three of Mizuno's irons, the JPX-800s, JPX-800 Pros, and MP-53s, are prominently featured. Each iron is pictured in the magazine, along with pricing information, and a web reference to the Mizuno page on's website. GOLF Magazine provides an extensive review in a variety of categories, including playability, accuracy/forgiveness, distance control, feel, and look, while highlighting the various Mizuno technologies within the clubs. All three of these high performance irons received excellent feedback from the review.

Here are some of the highlights from GOLF Magazine's ClubTest2011:

Mizuno JPX-800:

"The feel at impact is smooth and soft, with excellent stability on all shots."

"One of the highest-rated irons in the test. Provides plenty of distance, feel and control with a classic look."

"Potentially the most workable irons in the test...very good performers from a variety of lies."

"Quite good at preserving distance on mis-hits and very accurate on solid strikes."

"Longer than average..."

"...very good sensation on greenside shots."

"...handsome blue badge."

Mizuno JPX-800 Pro:

"With a great feel comes great forgiveness-a winning combo. The best Mizuno irons I've tried at ClubTest."

"One of the best iron models in its class. It scores high marks for playability, distance control and feel."

"...strong, steady performer from all types of lies."

"Deadly accurate short irons; covers for mis-hits better than standard forgings."

"Solid shots deliver above-average length; off-center hits don't lose much, either."

"Several guys find the smooth, soft feel to be the gold standard; solid contact provides Tour-like feel."

"Attractive-looking, slightly oversize head; the full cavity tells you that help is here if you need it."

"The MP-53 possesses more "game improvement" qualities than any other MP irons."

Mizuno MP-53:

"A good option for shotmakers-distinct ability to shape shots..."

"Forgiveness aplenty with unexpected distance on slight mis-hits..."

"Pure shots generate one-half club extra length."

"Thick, beefy look in scoring irons; thinnish topline does a nice job of masking the slightly leader head."

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Author Iver Maple

With over 14 years of Marketing, Communications, and Public Relations Experience, Iver Maple has been "bleeding Mizuno blue" for over seven years.  A graduate of Vanderbilt University in Nashville, Tennessee, and now residing in Atlanta, home to Mizuno USA's headquarters, he has now officially acclimated to "Southern Life" from his original roots in Long Island, New York.  Outside of his passion for golf, he enjoys tennis, rooting for his beloved Commodores, and hiking with his dog 'Cutler.'