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by Iver Maple on December 16, 2010, one of the most influential golf equipment blog sites on the web, recently finished up an in depth product review to find out what iron is the BEST forged cavity-back in the game. After months of testing, the results are finally in...The #1 Forged Cavity Back Iron Goes To the Mizuno MP-53!

Mizuno continues its tradition of creating the world's finest irons, as the MP-53 took on, and beat, all competitors that participated in's "Ultimate Review."

MyGolfSpy recording tons of data on each iron, including distance, spin rate, launch angle, accuracy, and ball speed. When all of the data was collected and the votes were in, the MP-53 golf irons stood alone as #1.

Check out the review, and all of the data at

On a side note, MyGolfSpy conducted an online poll of their readers/members regarding the brands they are most looking forward to trying in 2011. It's no surprise that with 25% of the total vote, Mizuno was the brand of irons that readers were MOST LOOKING FORWARD to trying in 2011.

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Author Iver Maple

With over 14 years of Marketing, Communications, and Public Relations Experience, Iver Maple has been "bleeding Mizuno blue" for over seven years.  A graduate of Vanderbilt University in Nashville, Tennessee, and now residing in Atlanta, home to Mizuno USA's headquarters, he has now officially acclimated to "Southern Life" from his original roots in Long Island, New York.  Outside of his passion for golf, he enjoys tennis, rooting for his beloved Commodores, and hiking with his dog 'Cutler.'