Mizuno Irons Take Home Three "Player's Choice" Awards from Golfing Magazine

by Mizuno USA on June 27, 2011

The latest edition of Golfing Magazine includes their annual irons review, in which all four irons from Mizuno's current lineup were very well received.  In fact, three of our irons - JPX-800 Pro, MP-63, and MP-53 - all received 2011 "Player's Choice" Awards from the publication.  Golfing Magazine ranked all the irons based upon appearance, forgiveness, feel, consistency, and distance.

In the Game Improvement category, both the JPX-800 and JPX-800 Pros scored very well.  The JPX-800 were atop the list for distance, while the JPX-800 Pros led for appearance, forgiveness, feel, and consistency, which earned these clubs a "Player's Choice Award".  The feedback from the testers was extremely positive for both clubs as well.

For the Players Irons, both the MP-63 and MP-53 took home "Player's Choice Awards".  The MP-63s, which Golfing Magazine referred to as the "Best Mizuno's ever", earned high marks for appearance and feel, while the "highly recommended" MP-53s picked up 5 out of 5 stars for appearance, forgiveness, and feel. 

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