Mizuno Adds FOUR Gold Medals in Golf Digest's "Hot List"

by Iver Maple on January 26, 2011

Mizuno has done it yet again, as FOUR more golf irons can now call themselves Golf Digest "Hot List" GOLD Medal winners!  The JPX-800 and JPX-800 Pro golf irons each took home the top prize in the Game Improvement category, while the MP-53 and MP-63 scored GOLD in Player's Irons.  Mizuno now has a total of SIX Gold Medal irons in their award-winning 2011 golf iron line-up, as the MP-58 won GOLD and 'Editor's Choice' in the 2010 Hot List, and the MX-1000 was also GOLD in the Super Game Improvement category in 2010.  Accolades such as these are a testament to Mizuno's unmatched Global R&D resources, superior designs, and patented manufacturing processes.  

Mizuno JPX-800 Golf Irons

Gold Medal - Game Improvement Irons

  • "The JPX-800 is an attempt by Mizuno to go beyond its "player iron" heritage, and the company has succeeded. The iron has plenty of pop and more than a hint of forgiveness." - Hot List Judge
  • "As good a cast club as I've ever hit. It has a medium-high ball flight that is workable and repeatable." - Player Comment

Mizuno JPX-800 Golf Irons

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Mizuno JPX-800 PRO Golf Irons

Gold Medal - Game Improvement Irons

Category Leader and 5 out of 5 stars for "Look/Sound/Feel."

  • "The ball flight is a little lower than other irons in this category. It's also easier to maneuver than a lot of players irons I've hit." - Player Comment
  • "It's a game-improvement club that you can fool your friends with; It looks like a players iron, but middle-handicappers can play well with these." - Hot List Judge

mizuno golf jpx-800 pro golf irons

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Mizuno MP-53 Golf Irons

Gold Medal - Players Irons

5 out of 5 stars in "Innovation" category.

  • "I've been waiting for this set. Whatever sole grind this is, it makes a perfect divot." - Player Comment
  • "I felt like I could detect the weight in every sequence of my swing. Mis-hits weren't as painful as I probably deserved, and that's just what you want to see." - Player Comment
  • "The company continues to take classic designs and make them more versatile without compromising the feel it's known for. The MP-53 is the more forgiving of Mizuno's two players irons, and there are plenty of custom options available to help you find what you're looking for." - Hot List Judge

mizuno golf mp-53 golf irons

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Mizuno MP-63 Golf Irons

Gold Medal - Players Irons

Category Leader and 5 out of 5 stars in "Performance" and "Look/Sound/Feel" categories.

  • "I thought the best synergy of sod and steel was in the MP-62s, but these beat that. I caught a couple heavy, and the impact and flight were barely affected."  - Player Comment
  • "Mizuno's sound research led to one of the company's sweetest sounding irons yet."  - Hot List Judge

mizuno golf mp-63 golf irons

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Mizuno's MP T-11 wedges with Quad Cut Groove Technology and innovative "DG Spinner" shaft also made the 2011 "Hot List," scoring a Silver in the wedge category.

Mizuno MP T-11 Golf Wedges

Silver Medal - Wedges

  • "The sole grind will help you hit any kind of shot." - Player Comment
  • "Beautiful, classy club. Easy to hit from any sand lie. The ball comes out like you were throwing it out." - Player Comment

mizuno golf mp-t 11 golf wedge

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