A Behind the Scenes Look at the US Open from the Mizuno PGA Tour Team - Day 1

by Iver Maple on June 14, 2011

Hard to believe that the year's second major is already upon us. Today was a great start to what should be an exciting week of golf and drama!!! The weather was beautiful and many of the 'big' names were on the range and the course getting ready for this years Open. Congressional CC, located in Bethesda, Maryland, looks to be a true test for the world's best golfers. The course is playing exceptionally long and the rough is extremely penal...at least a half stroke penalty if you find yourself veering from the fairway.
There were a few small projects being worked on throughout the day in the tour trailer. The first request was from Luke Donald for some fresh wedges, a 54 and 60/05 chrome finish MP-T11's. Luke has recently switched to the Dynamic Gold Spinner shaft in his 60 degree, and the results speak for themselves. He leads the tour again in bunker play and the rest of his short game is a work of art. Sunghoon Kang came by and needed a new MP 3 iron as he had a little encounter with a cart path...it looks like we will also put some fresh grips (White/Black Golf Pride New Decades) on his sticks tomorrow.
Our afternoon was spent mostly on the range testing some new iron prototypes for potential future models. We had four different protoype irons to test and the results were very favorable. We were interested in a number of different data points including turf interaction and frequency of impact sound. The conditions at Congressional were ideal for testing and we hope to have gathered some good information to help us along with the development.
Tuesday, as with most weeks, should be the busiest work day and we look forward to getting Luke Donald dialed in for this major test of golf. We'll be sure to give you an update of tomorrows events...until then, good-bye from the nation's capital.
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