Team Mizuno Roster

PGA Players

Hemel Hempstead, Herts

Luke Donald

Career Highlights
  • First player in history to capture the money title on both the PGA Tour and European Tour (2011)
  • 2011 PGA Tour Player of the Year
  • 2011 Accenture Match Play Champion, 2011 Children's Miracle Network Hospitals Classic Champion (PGA Tour)
  • 2011 BMW Championship Winner, 2011 Barclays Scottish Open Winner (European Tour)
  • Victorious as part of Team Europe in the 2010 and 2012 Ryder Cup

Augusta, GA

Charles Howell III

Career Highlights
  • Won Michelob Championship at Kingsmill in 2002 and Nissan Open in 2007
  • Finished 3rd in the John Deere Classic in only his third career PGA event
  • Won the individual and team 2000 NCAA Division I Golf Championships with Oklahoma State University
PGA Europe Players

Bristol, England

Chris Wood

After a top-5 finish as an amateur in the 2008 British Open, Chris Wood proved his future is bright by following up with a 3rd-place finish in 2009, putting him on his way to earning the Sir Henry Cotton award as the 2009 European Tour Rookie of the Year.

Career Highlights
  • Kicked off 2011 with 2nd place finish in Africa Open
  • Named European Tour rookie of the year in 2009
  • Low amateur in the 2008 British Open Championship at Royal Birkdale
LPGA Players

Toledo, OH

Stacy Lewis

Career Highlights
  • 2012 and 2014 Rolex Player of the Year
  • 2014 Vare Trophy Winner
  • 11 time winner on the LPGA Tour, including major titles at the Kraft Nabisco Championship and the Ricoh British Open
  • Four time All-American at the University of Arkansas
Team JPX Players

Denver, CO

Jeremy Thee


As an infant, polio paralyzed Jeremy’s right leg. Growing up, his mother told him he was no different than anyone else. On the golf course, he discovered that she was right.


Myrtle Beach, SC

Tony Taylor


After two tours of duty in Iraq and one in support of Afghanistan, this former Marine sergeant turned to golf to help him transition back to civilian life. Tony quickly learned there’s no place he’d rather be than on the course, which is why today you can find him in the classroom, studying to become a superintendent.


Pearl River, LA

Jerry Leonard


In 2005, Hurricane Katrina destroyed Salmen High, where Jerry was the head football coach. Faced with the closing of the school, he spearheaded the rebuilding of the team. Without a facility, a field, or even a ball, seventeen kids showed up for that first practice. Jerry’s mentor encouraged him to take up golf as a way to cope with the weight on his shoulders. On the course, he learned to take things day-by-day, focusing on making one thing better today than it was yesterday. He brought this same attitude to practice, inspiring kids with sheetrock dust and mud from floodwaters on their uniforms. Slowly, the team and the school were rebuilt, and the community was galvanized. Ultimately, it was a winless season. Yet it was this coach’s most fulfilling. We are excited to welcome this inspirational force to Team JPX.


Crown Point, IN

Kadin Mahmet


Before a head-on collision with a fleeing suspect ended his career, Kadin loved the challenges, camaraderie and fulfillment that came with being a police officer. Today, he relies on golf to help fill the void. After surgery and extensive rehabilitation on his injured back, his doctor urged him to walk. So Kadin took to the course, walking as far as his back would allow, the pain a small price to pay for peace of mind and a sense of accomplishment. Today, he can sometimes play nine. Other days, he can manage fifteen. But the number of holes he plays isn’t nearly as important as what he gets out of them. We know Kadin will make a strong addition to Team JPX, and we’re lucky to have him.


Orlando, FL

Stephen Cox


When you’re a firefighter and a paramedic, work is stressful. Your day begins when someone else is having a really bad one. After nine years of responding to car accidents and burning buildings, Stephen knew he needed to find a way to help clear his head of everything he was taking home. So one day last year, he joined several fellow firefighters on a trip to a local course. And, from that first tee shot, he was hooked. By the turn, he had found the outlet he was looking for, an opportunity to release and let go. Today, the constant challenges the game presents enable him to step away from work for a few hours at a time, and energize him for his next call. We welcome Stephen to Team JPX, and hope the game can continue to help him help others.


Detroit, MI

Mike Bracy


Growing up in inner-city Detroit, Mike didn’t learn golf from his father. He lived in a different town. In fact, their relationship consisted mostly of visits in the summer. Mike picked up the game later in life, and met the male mentors who would help keep him on the right path. When Mike had a child of his own, he knew he wanted a stronger bond with his son than the one he had with his father. So he turned to the game that helped teach him respect and perseverance. Mike believes the game attracts the type of role models he wants his 16-year-old son to associate with. And while his son’s passion for the game hasn’t reached Mike’s level just yet, Mike knows there’s no greater reward than the time the two spend together on the course. This summer, his son will be joining him at Westland Golf Course, where Mike is a ranger and his son will be a caddie. And today, Mike is joining Team JPX. Welcome to the team, Mike. Hit ‘em straight.


Edmonton, AB

Tim Buckland


Tim Buckland is a three-time cancer survivor. And Tim Buckland is a golfer. Taught the game by his father and grandfather at age 8, young Tim’s greatest love was golf. But a week before his 18th birthday, a testicular cancer diagnosis took the game away from him. After three long years, Tim was given a clean bill of health, only to see a new diagnosis six months later. Surgery couldn’t prevent the cancer from reappearing a third time. During months of chemo, the promise of golf kept Tim going. He was learning about new technology, gripping and regripping his clubs, and picturing the shots he would one day hit. When at last he stepped on that first tee again, he realized the chaos he had experienced in his life was beyond his control. But on the course, he was in charge. Today, Tim is seven years cancer-free, and he works with other young cancer survivors. He credits the game with helping him rediscover his passion for life. We are honored and inspired to welcome Tim, who is also the first Team JPXer from Canada.


Reston, VA

Joe Wechsler


Joe Wechsler is at home on the golf course. He discovered the game by chance, finding an abandoned set of clubs in his dorm room closet. He starting playing with his roommates on the golf team, and a lifelong passion was born. This passion would prove to be a constant in a life defined by change. Since college, he has lived in 10 different places across three countries. And today Joe’s job as a project manager for a consulting firm takes him away from his wife and 18-month-old son nearly every week. To combat the challenges of living out of a suitcase, Joe always brings another piece of luggage — his clubs. And wherever he finds himself, he tries to find a few hours each week to get re-centered on the course. Joe, we’re excited to have you join Team JPX. Where should we send your new clubs?


Concord, NC

Amy Newman


All work and no play wasn’t working for Amy. Even when she was out of the office, the office was coming with her. On vacation, at family gatherings and on the course, Amy was glued to her cellphone, available 24/7. Last year, during a round with her boyfriend and father, Amy spent the majority of the round answering calls and texts from work, and she knew something had to change. From that day forward, Amy’s phone stayed in her bag. And she learned to be present — to empty her mind of unanswered voicemails and growing to-do lists, and to actually enjoy each shot. The game forced her to slow down, enabling her to focus on what was right in front of her. Today, her phone stays in her bag (OK, she still checks it at the turn), and she returns to work refreshed and focused. Welcome to Team JPX, Amy, and keep that phone in the bag. September will be here before you know it.


Fresno, CA

Joe M. Bracamonte


Joe Bracamonte hates broccoli. But he loves golf more. Several years ago, this father of four’s weight had ballooned to 284 lbs. Joe knew he needed to make a change, and he knew it wasn’t going to be easy. So he set goals for himself. He improved his eating habits. He committed to running or walking five days a week. And, if he was good, he would reward himself with range time or a round of golf. For the first two weeks, he struggled to stick to this new regimen, and, as promised, didn’t hit a ball. The next day, he kept to his diet and exercise, finally earning that first bucket of balls. His love of the game was all the motivation Joe needed. He calls golf his dessert for eating his broccoli. Today, he has changed his diet, run over 500 miles and lost over 60 pounds. You’ll find Joe on the course at sunrise, three days a week. Walking, of course. Team JPX is excited to have you, Joe!


New Haven, CT

Eric Barry


Eric Barry is a professional opera singer. Years of language study, voice lessons and practice have landed Eric on some of the world’s most renowned stages. Night after night, he sings in one of nine languages, without amplification, over an 80-piece orchestra. And night after night, Eric must deliver. Last spring, the pressure became too much, and Eric started to experience debilitating anxiety. To help him past this block, Eric turned to his performance coach. She used his love of golf to his advantage. On a field trip to the nearest course, she explained that each individual swing is an opportunity to overcome judgment, anxiety and expectations. To not overthink it, to trust your muscle memory, and to simply let it fly. Eric applied this lesson to his singing, and he overcame his anxiety. Today, he regularly hits the course to help him stay sharp on stage. Welcome to Team JPX, Eric!


Henrico, VA

Josh Kruger

GOLF vs. 8,000 MILES

Like many of us, Josh Kruger has a golfing buddy — his son. But there’s one problem. They’ve never actually played together. When his son was 14 years old, Josh and his family moved from South Africa to America. Adjusting to a new life together, Josh and his son became inseparable. Then, on a visit back to South Africa in 2010, his son met the love of his life, and he decided to move back. Suddenly, 8,000 miles separated Josh from his best friend. In the months that followed, they each discovered the bridge that would reconnect them: a newfound passion for golf. “You should have seen me drive 290 yards today, dad.” “Today, I chipped in from 17 yards, son.” These are the conversations that stretch across continents and keep Josh connected to his son. Today, Josh plays with a picture of his playing partner taped to his bag, waiting patiently for the day they’ll actually tee off together. Team JPX is excited to have you, Josh!


Pittsburgh, PA

Lee Baughman

Career Highlights
  • Started playing in 2007
  • Has one hole-in-one to his credit
  • His mom used to babysit Rocco Mediate
  • A 16-handicapper
  • The father of two boys under the age of three, his trips to the range coincide with their naps.
  • Hits his seven-iron 175-180 yards
  • On his JPX-825 irons: “When I swing, the ball flies off the face and each strike feels really good.”

San Jose, CA

Steve Gierer

Career Highlights
  • Last name sounds like “gear”
  • Started playing when he was 21
  • Won Closest to the Pin at the Annual Guys Golf Trip in 2001
  • Once shot an 84 twice in the same month
  • Played a round with only a seven-iron and flip flops. It wasn’t his worst
  • Hits his six-iron 185-190 yards
  • On his JPX-825 irons: “My swing felt smooth and it felt great to hit through the ball cleanly”

Framingham, MA

Rob Cohen

Career Highlights
  • Answers to “Juicy” on the golf course
  • Best round is an 82
  • Once chipped in twice in the same team play event
  • Has won two match events, including his flight in a member-guest event and a two-man tournament
  • Married twenty years with two daughters
  • Hits his six-iron 165 yards
  • On his JPX-825s irons: “The JPX-825s gave me comfort and confidence at address and impact”

Antioch, TN

Josh Ray

Career Highlights
  • Shot a 92 at Whistling Straits and an 89 at Erin Hills
  • Once took third place in a Club Championship
  • His “fashion sense” has earned him the nickname “Plaid”
  • Went to the same high school as Steve Stricker
  • Joe Don Rooney of Rascal Flatts is his cousin
  • Hits his six-iron 175 yards
  • On his JPX-825 irons: “The ball feels really hot and smooth off the face; it’s like a hot knife through butter. The feel is unbelievable!”

Wesley Chapel, FL

William Cuebas

Career Highlights
  • The “Golf Father” is married with six caddies kids
  • Once hit a 200-yard second shot three inches from the pin for an eagle
  • Won a putter at a tournament for longest putt made (a 35-footer)
  • His best round ever is a 78
  • Retired member of New York State's Boldest
  • On his JPX-825 irons: “I found that my shot dispersion was a lot tighter, even on off-centered shots.”

Omaha, NE

JB Phillips

Career Highlights
  • Won’t say what “JB” stands for
  • Naturally left-handed, switched when his grandfather forgot and bought him a right-handed set
  • Once took second place in a par-three tournament with his father-in-law
  • His best round is an 83
  • Hits his 6-iron 190-195 yards
  • Former starting tight end for the Nebraska Cornhuskers
  • On his JPX-825 irons: “I tried quite a few different clubs and none compared to the feel I got from the JPX-825s. You can feel the ball explode off the face. Right then I was sold.”

Littleton, CO

Michelle French

Career Highlights
  • Was once interviewed by Matt Lauer
  • On her twin daughters’ birthday, she had a hole-in-one
  • She did not have a hole-in-one on her son’s birthday
  • Longest drive winner at the West Metro Firefighters Local 1309 Union Golf Tournament
  • Best round is an 84
  • Hits her 6-iron 135 yards
  • On her JPX-825 irons: “The JPX-825s were very forgiving, especially when missing the sweet spot. I gained at least 10 yards versus my current clubs.”

Boston, MA

Casey Parent

Career Highlights
  • Thinks Boston Common would make a great driving range
  • Once holed a sand shot from a 10-foot deep bunker where he couldn’t see the green or the flag
  • Holds coveted Father/Son Bragging Rights in backyard chipping contests
  • Grew up on a golf course; thinking of moving back home
  • His best round is an 83
  • Hits his six-iron 175
  • On his JPX-825s irons: “Loved the look and the feel of the club, and how hot it came off the clubface. The sound was also outstanding.”

Atlanta, GA

Joel Harrison

Career Highlights
  • His golf buddies call him “Hollywood.” His wife does not
  • Shot his best round (81) during last year’s vernal equinox
  • Looking forward to next year’s vernal equinox
  • Once eagled from 40 yards out during a scramble
  • Married to a psychiatrist
  • Hits his six iron 185-190 yards
  • On his JPX-825 irons: “When I demoed the JPX-825 irons with a friend I immediately hit the ball longer. We both added 20 yards with no changes in our swing. The ball jumped off the club face.”

Austin, TX

Tim Gaestel

Career Highlights
  • Nickname on the course: Trigger
  • An Iraq War vet and Purple Heart recipient
  • Still looking for his first win in the annual “Gaestel Championship” with his father
  • His best round is a 79. It was also his fourth round of the day
  • Hits his six-iron 170-185
  • His Labradoodle is named James
  • On his JPX-825 irons: “The first thing I noticed is the look at address, and the weight of the club in my hands felt just right. My ball flight was easy to control and my swing felt natural.”

Reston, VA

Lynette Fitzgerald

Career Highlights
  • Once executed a flawless cartwheel after sinking a 40- foot par putt
  • Nickname on the course: Peanut
  • Best round is a 78
  • Her husband is a self-professed “golf widower”
  • High school classmates with Teri Hatcher
  • Hits her six-iron 135 yards
  • On her JPX-825 irons: “When I hit the sweet spot and my swing is on, the resulting little "snick" that I hear is so satisfying and telling...I know it’s a good shot just by the sound.”

Manalapan, NJ

Phil Talamo

Career Highlights
  • They call him Papa T
  • Started playing in 2007
  • Had his second hole in one last April Fool’s Day (or did he?)
  • Plays on a hockey team called the “Hattrick Swayzees”
  • Hits his six iron 175-185 yards
  • His best round is an 85
  • On his JPX-825 irons: “ It feels great when you hit the ball through the sweet spot. And they are very consistent too, helping with some of those (rare) times that you mis-hit.”