MVP Fastpitch Series GMVP1175F1 Infield Glove




      Product Features


        • New Center Pocket designed patterns offer the most versatile break-in possible
        • Soft, pebbled, Bio Throwback leather for game ready performance and long lasting durability
        • Ultrasoft palm liner
        • Featuring V-Flex Notch to help initiate easy closure
        • PowerLock closure for maximum performance
        • Vertically laced heel specificly for fastpitch patterns
        • 11.75" Infield Pattern
        • Tartan 10 Web
        • 311785.RG8C Right handed thrower

      Product Details


      Natural (8080)

      Sizes 11.75" Infield Pattern, Adult
      Style 311785
      Diamond Glove Position - Infield 11.75"

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