Classic Fastpitch Series GCF1151 Infield Glove



      Product Features


        • Gender Engineered patterns designed specifically for fastpitch
        • Throwback Leather - Rugged, rich, naturally pre-oiled leather that keeps its shape over time
        • Ultra Soft Pro - Palm liner with excellent fit and feel
        • Patterns designed for female athletes for fastpitch softball
        • Vertically laced heel allows the player to select the break-in hinge for a customized fit
        • Precurved felt aids in break in and securing the ball in the glove


        • 11.50" Infield Pattern
        • Deep III Web
        • 311766.RG84 Right handed thrower

      Product Details

      Sizes 11.50" Infield Pattern, Adult
      Style 311766
      Diamond Glove Position - Infield 11.50"

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